home. a place to sit and read and dream.


Beyond Exhaust-ed.

Emotionally, physically and all the other ways one Could Be.

We met the (very charming and kind and considerate and remarkably Swift) Moving Men outside the apartment building at a very early hour.

They would not hear of us picking up a Thing.

Apparently our job was to Tick off the numbers of the boxes as they called them Out.

So we stood behind the kitchen counter and felt a Tiny bit like Martha Stewart directing workmen on a new TV set:

Oh. Over there, please. Yes, lovely. Oh maybe that way round. Gosh. Perfect.

And then it was time to say goodbye and cut down the parking permit signs and go back upstairs.

Almost had a Tiny meltdown at sight of So Many Boxes.

But then we remembered to be grateful that we were just unpacking them. We didn’t have to Pack anything back in nyc as Jonathan had done that (and wonderfully, with lots of softly folded brown paper).

Five hours …….(a few tears and a dead beetle) later…..

We have a new stage set 


Home ;)







We are smiling at you from the milk chocolate shade couch and waving wearily but Most Happily.

Note to self: going to the hardware store in Beverly Hills because they have a handyman service and Hanging Pictures has not been part of our skill-set judging from Past Experience.


The wisdom of advancing years…..

We have a List.

It will be lovely to ply the handyman with tea and see which moviestars he (or, optimistcally and most modern perchance – she) has Also hung pictures for. Because the hardware store has been there since the 1920s so you just Know there is a History with the movie colony people.

Bet they’re Terribly discreet of course.

But it Never hurts to show Interest.

So happy.


But thrilled.

10 thoughts on “home. a place to sit and read and dream.

  1. Mais, voila! Only you, my dear tg, could make such an Insta-home! And it is lovely and soothing already. What can’t a girl accomplish with such a wonderful cocoon/lair like that? :)

    The Baron G H-H photo has always been one of my favorites. What a wonderful image to wake up to, looking out across to the horizon–and with the actual ocean so very close! Gorgeous.

    I have a silly question: is the black space across from the sofa a fireplace? Or is that a television? My eyes are scraggly in the morning and I can’t tell. I am hoping for a fireplace because it is especially glamorous to have a fire going in the evening in California where it is just beacause.

    And now, with a little curtsy, I leave you to your new Home. Yes, as Julia said, time to take it all in.

    Thrilled for you…

      1. It is perfect that it is fake, even better for LA.

        Ok, the update: Swane was a total no go, a pretty bubble-headed Valley Girl if ever there was one. Buuut…but. There was another dog, a male that is a Golden mix. We are crazy for him. He was just dropped off however so we have to wait ten days to see if he is claimed–and he is so beautiful (and so obviously well cared for/groomed) and kind I would be surprised if he wasn’t. So on pins and needles. If you would like, send me your email at robinsonheather@yahoo.com and I will send photos. He is beautiful. And remember–this is a secret!

  2. and here again i say:
    welcome home, darling!!!!!!
    it looks PRETTY, it looks very teamgloria and now please:
    sit and breathe and let it all sink into your system. you arrived!
    sending a big kiss,
    ps: i have the exact same floor :-)

  3. Oh fabulous, fabulous! ::clappinghandswithdelight:: It is so wonderful to see furnishings I recognize from your so glamorous pied-a-tierre in New York, looking newly born in you LA aerie. So thrilled for you, so thrilled. Hope to see you on that Left Coast soon, darling. In the meantime: ::blowingkisses::

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