if you don’t succeed at first…..


We were Mortified at the department of motor vehicles today.

You failed the written test, please try again


We got so confused by having a Picture taken (as you’ve probably noticed, we are Terribly photo shy) and the different windows and the clicking numbers and the Forms and everyone was So.Nice because we had gone on the interweb to make an appointment First (actually there was a long line/queue of people who didn’t look so friendly because they had Not gone online to make an appointment and nor did they seem to be Carrying a Book like we were, ready for a long wait.)


We were WHISKED through and suddenly given a Written Test which had So many Questions that we had Not thought about (situations involving questions regarding carpool lanes and whether people in convertibles can use them if they have an adult and two children but Not – trick question if there’s a carpool Driver with no passengers Or an adult, a small person and the family Pet – clearly confusing to an English person as we consider animals most definitely fully fledged family members if not actually Human).

So – ahem – there were a few we got wrong and we had to Take the Test again (we have Never had to do this – even with A Level Latin).


But now the owner of a California driving license (they renewed our original one from when we lived here before but sadly needed a new picture.)


Luckily there was a bookshop en route to our next appointment so we could realign our chakras again and had the lovely experience of seeing the owner go a little Pink when neighbor popped in to give him a pie to say thank you for something.

Of course it was an Angeleno pie so the neighbor made sure to tell him that it was gluten and sugar free.

The owner appeared to be from the Continent – most probably from France – so looked a little bemused at the Tarte tatin sans tout.



We found a Treasure.

M. Cendrars and his visit to Hollywood for Paris-Soir in 1936.

A splendid translation.

Excerpts soon.

Rest of the Day?


Let’s see.

Some special advisory work.

A lot of driving.


Buying roses for the vases we inherited from lovely Alexia’s aunt. 


A most excellent chandelier was spotted.


And we spotted a Landmark while heading West – this bank with the oddest mural at 26th and wilshire was once the site of an apartment building…….where Frances Marion lived.



Frances was the sine qua non of screenwriters of her day – along with our other gem lady scribe extraordinaire Ms. Loos.

Who would probably have appreciated all the twinkle lights strung between apartment buildings in los angeles today.



It certainly took the Sting out of the embarrassment at the department of motor vehicles earlier in the Day, darlings. 

Did you have a seriously delicious Thursday dear?


Any twinkle lights in your ‘hood?

Pictures please!

9 thoughts on “if you don’t succeed at first…..

  1. Oh my, that last photo–just like a string of pearls (and while diamonds are not my cup of tea, pearls are so lovely against the skin aren’t they?).

    Have I mentioned that I don’t know how to drive? I don’t. So from my point of view, your passing the test the second go round is a victory! Especially with such ludicrous trick questions involving “pets”–well of course they count!!! My goodnes, I have to breathe to calm down over that one. We are planning to visit a beautiful girl at the local dog shelter tomorrow–a Golden named Swane. Maybe Ben will have a buddy? But shhh it is a secret…

    And I am on pins and needles to hear more about that book…quel trésor!

    Off to walk the pupper in the cold but under a blue, blue sky. Have a wonderful day, dear tg.

    1. Oh what a lovely Friday trip. To Look at a Dog.


      Jealous in a good kind way.

      Thanks for the comforting words about the Test. And we didn’t get a license until relatively late because we didn’t need to in London but here. Well. It would be impossible.

      It’s raining today. But still warm which is Most confusing.

      Tg xxx

  2. Hood? One is not a gangster!

    No, I’m afraid RL was it’s usual boring self on Thursday, ruined of course by having to work for a living. Although I came across a wonderful teapot I’d forgotten I had. A Judith Onions delight from the 60’s.

    I failed Physics O’Level!


  3. What a Thursday! With cold winds in NYC… but cozily tucked into my apartment watching the bf make chili while I make up cocktails entitled “La Brea Tar Pit” (like a gin gimlet with frozen blueberries and lavender bitters) and dreaming of LA next weekend (but a weekend upstate starting tomorrow to tide me over). Also, heard from a friend in Portland that she failed her written driving test today too, so you are in good company. She is an economist, so certified smart. It happens to us all. This is why I hold on to my Maine driving license forever.

    1. Eleanor are you in Town soon? Tea at broome st in silverlake. Ok. Tip. Do not bring your Maine license to the California dmv when you move here. They “retired” our nyc one suddenly and without warning with a giant hole punch!

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