perfectly prius.


New (to us) Car!!


The outside?






But the DASHboard – !

Like something from a Movie!

Especially at the beginning of the journey when it starts all Electric and quiet and shows battery saturation levels in an Light emitting diode sort of a way on a translucent panel and Then when backing up it talks to you about being Careful and Has A Camera on its bottom so you can see behind so we did Lots of Reversing yesterday to peer into the bright screen and Then it also shows you where you’re going on a Map (which is definitely a First for us – we head off in a general direction usually but the perfectly-prius is Awfully Precise) but the greatest bit is when flicking up the Volume on the Radio because we know the melody to most dinah Washington and a red disk suddenly Glows on the ghostlike Console and rewards us with an indication of our action in a Visual Representation (as one might say when trying to Impress a client in a Pitch of some type).

Why, yes.

It may appear to the Outside World as if we are driving a lovely modern Hybrid.

But you know better, darlings.

Here’s where we are.


Oh yes.

So much fun.

Do you Drive?

hybrid? convertible? V8 engine truck?

Ooooo, fire engine?

That’s exciting.

8 thoughts on “perfectly prius.

  1. oh, you’ve driven them both? wow! (insert a *breath of awe* here).
    i’ve haven’t even seen one of them in REAL LIFE!! only on photos.
    and i am aware of the fact that i romanticize the idea of driving in such a car…
    my grandpa died in 1996 and in his garage there’s still his old citroën, white, with lightblue leather seats. it hasn’t been moved ever since and every time i go to his house i sneak into the garage, sit in the car, take a deep breath (i think, that it still smells a bit like him) and dream of just getting it all fixed one day and driving in it. :-)
    until then i drive my smart car (it’s exactly this one ->
    xxx julia

  2. so happy for you that you have a space car now.
    i myself drive a smart car which is very practical and good for my life here in berlin.
    if i lived in cailfornia though, i’d drive this car

    or that car

    drive safely, love and PLEASE: more ocean pics xxx

    1. waving from across the ocean and a continent! Gosh. Well. Have driven both of those and they were fun for two hours but heavy on the arms and thirsty for petrol ;) good for a weekend rental. What colour is your Smart Car? *smiling* #cutecar

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