It’s going to be a bright, sunshine-y-day.


just looked up from the cafe au lait and fresh melon slices from trader joes and saw the fiery sunrise over the billboards and palm trees.


the Colo(u)rs here are Extraordinary.


even pale wash-over-pink stone glows against the blue/blue sky. (tiny bit Miami, non?)


while the lipstick red of the newest building at the pacific Design Center fairly Pops against the west coast sunglasses-clad-mascara-lashed-eyes.

it’sMuch harder to summon up melancholy here.

but we Are European so it does slip in.

Thank goodness for late night phonecalls to the Other Coast (late for them; supper-time here) where we perched on the tiny step between the boudoir and the Lounge (a very 70s LA word) as we have no chairs, as yet (still on the truck heading west) and cradled the phablet (phone/tablet-ness) to our ear to hear the strong tones of vibrant nyc and the odd siren outside over There.

The tiny step down makes us smile.

It’s the narrowest door we’ve seen (seriously expecting to unload large boxes as they won’t Fit).

But still – we adore a step-down living room.

as you Know.

It’s going to be a lovely day.

Building a new Life is sometimes scary and we Do wonder if we might have Settled down by now – but it appears not.

However, today we meet our new trusty motorized Prius companion for the Road Ahead (didn’t that clever write a book called that? We did use to love quoting from it and telling smart people who worked in glamorous-profession-land how in the Future we would have handheld devices that were responsive and operated on wireless frequencies – how they did stare ;)

Funny how the Future doesn’t look so scary when it arrives.

But 5 minutes before; that’s a different story.

Have a beautiful Tuesday, darlings.

Wrap up warm in Europe and nyc.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and sarong in Australia.

7 thoughts on “It’s going to be a bright, sunshine-y-day.

  1. have you always been such an early bird, love, or is this a “a-new-life-has-begun-i-am-so-high-on-energy-i-can’t-sleep-kind-of-thing”?
    anyways, i cannot tell you how much i admire your bravery day after day to do all this.
    so exciting, so happy for you.
    and also very happy to see those beautiful colors on your photos. they at least make me feel a little warmer (it’s soooo cold in berlin).
    love. always.
    julia xx

    1. dearest snow-bound-berlin-chick

      yes – always been an early bird – when we were 19 we took a trip to paris with just a leather jacket (with a picture of Lou Reed on the back) and not-much-cash and all the people in the hostel in the marais used to laugh saying “look at the way she runs into the streets at dawn to greet paris!”


      even now…..tis the meme histoire.

      waving and hoping you’re warm, dear.

  2. :waving from the base of snow topped mountains:
    I am terrible at typing on the iphone as I use it mainly for calling Remi when I cańt find him in the supermarche! Buuut my dear tg, I have to send out a little cheer of encouragement: T-G! Clap clap clap!! T-G!! You can do it!! T-G! Hooray!!!
    Hang in there cherie and give yourself all of the little presents you can. Things will look up when your things arrive. Bisous, H

      1. Oh no. Sliding down a mountain on little thin sticks? Noo. As close as I come to skiing is watching Audrey in the opening scene of Charade. Am assisting Remi on a photo shoot that is tres interessant. You would approve. And as a bonus, I had the best sushi tonight that I have had in Months in a tiny Cambodian restaurant!
        Ps thought of you as we passed the Gloria Hotel. It was “complet.”

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