tea and textiles with George – then a shock in the night.


we woke up in the small hours Literally on the Floor.

a tiny nail.

hidden in the tawny blond(e) carpet Punctured the aero bed upon which we sleep while awaiting our furniture to arrive from The East Coast.

and it’s not even our aero bed; it’s lovely greg’s.

Oh my.

The delights of bed, bath and beyond (sort of a grown up mothercare-slash-housewares-dept-of-debenhams for our British friends) await us today.

But no matter.

We can handle things as long as we don’t get into an Overwhelming Panic about everything that Might go wrong (overwhelm was a Large feature of our childhood personality – lots of brooding walks on the Cliffs and staring out into the English channel like a daphne du maurier heroine).

So we truly appreciate Tea and Textiles and a soothing conversation about Life and literature – with George.


Especially because George has a chandelier – and a View of the Hollywood Hills.


We have a delicious View too.


And in the absence of actual Furniture; a nice long counter for our Library books, the first utility bills nestled inside our new mail box yesterday, a thank you note or two to be Posted and lots of To Do Lists – including one for bed, bath and beyond that starts with “buy new aero bed”.



We are a Tiny bit Overwhelmed.

But it is Sunday.

And Sunday is quite the nicest day (and the name of that striking Ms. Kidman’s eldest, if we do recall).

12 thoughts on “tea and textiles with George – then a shock in the night.

  1. Oh dear, but at least it wasn’t a water bed, you might have drowned into the bargain!
    I’ve never had good luck with those things myself. Sleeping on air, or walking on air. Sunshine, however… that’s a song isn’t it? Walking on Sunshine. It’s a lovely Sunday. So good to have you back. XXXX G

      1. you two are the cutest!

        ps: my LA wanderlust gets stronger and stronger with every single one of your posts, sophia <3

  2. Oh my. You need your sleep. Luckily you are in the good ‘ol USA for if you were in France, well, there would be nary a store open on Sunday–who knows, you might have been forced to go to the VF of L’Ermitage! :O Hoping still that all works itself out. Take a deep breath or two and I’ll just remind you of how brave you are (very) and how fortunate to have such wonderful friends (ditto)!

    They will stick by you and so will we.

  3. All the makings of a French farce ‘Whoops there go by Bloomers’ by Ivor Biggun.

    I do hope all will come right with the new bed. Check for more nails and buy a hammer!

    That counter does look mighty fine as does the view.

    Sunday is a mighty fine name. My first born is to be called February Godwin.

    Lots of love from a VERY snowy London. Xx

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