progress: one library card and (almost) a car lease


we’re getting there……


the sunshine has invigorated us massively (as they used to say in madchester) and the *coughing* has (almost) but not Quite subsided (we are So Tired of sugar-free medicated lozenges). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

cutting Right down on the caffeine (it’s best, when one is Driving and not commuting on the New York Subway anymore). 19a7b07e60fd11e2ba8122000a1f9262_7and we have a LIBRARY CARD!

this is the view from inside the west hollywood library.

we got Ever so excited when the lovely lady on the front desk asked for ID and we had to tell her that the DMV (department of motor vehicles for our friends in England – hello, william and sarah in London and sophie up in Scotland and the other people showing up on our “stats” but not identified by Name – *waving*) would not let us have an appointment until the 25th (sigh).

and then she looked at our New York Driving License and typed in our (real) name and said:

did you used to live at (insert address from 2005)?


darlings – we were still On File.

so exciting.

we paid our money for an expired (or should that be to “re-spire” our membership) card and here we are – as if we’d never left.

the Car situation?

thank you for asking.

we popped down to a leasing place that has been in Town since the 1940s (we do not exaggerate) and parked our rental (something in silver by chrysler) and sat on a vintage 1970s brown leather sofa and waited for a lovely leasing agent who talked us through the Process to get approved and we admired the photographs of famous people who had signed pictures to her to thank her for leasing them a Car and then left about 35 minutes later having seen a Few Vehicles (yes, we were looking at size and colo(u)r and she kindly pointed out useful things like Mileage and so on) and now We Wait.

the nicest thing about leasing a car in Southern California is that you get a hug too before you get back in your rental.

we like that.

it’s a very friendly place.

so we’re making progress – library card (done), car lease (almost), car insurance (done – when we’ve signed and faxed it tomorrow morning).

we do miss Jonathan though.

he did most of this for us Back East.

(small princess-y moment – sigh).

but we can do this.

with your help.

thanks for listening, darlings.

are you having a delicious day?

if you had a library card for los angeles which book would you request today?


13 thoughts on “progress: one library card and (almost) a car lease

  1. No L.A. library card… though may I pretend I’m in a place where car leasing agents give hugs?

    A strange book, but filled with magical language and an old favorite: Annie Proulx’s “The Shipping News.” A remarkable feat of place and poetry.


  2. i never had a library card for LA ;)
    again very glad to hear that you’re doing so well, and believe me…. the sun, the SUN (which we haven’t seen in berlin for, uhm, weeks) on your photos transfers positive rays through your camera, through my laptop and i can FEEL it.
    i talked to a friend in LA yesterday via skype last night (my night, her noon) and i am thinking about coming maybe in june….
    (just FYI: the romantic story that has started so beautifully in NYC is over, but i should tell you some other day maybe more privately. or we just don’t talk about it anymore. we’ll see.)
    can’t wait to see more (i need a photo of the ocean, pleeeeeze)
    love and a kiss from berlin.
    j xx

      1. thank you so much, love. yes, it IS sad. but on the other hand, i am relieved. i prefer a clear cut than to be left out in the rain for ever.
        everything is good. life is good. and there are no regrets.

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