life in los angeles is a subtle symphony of sand, Beige and mirrored closets.


Tis most odd to “camp out” (in the not-many-possessions sense) in one’s new Place.


To appreciate the tawny blonde wall to wall carpet and reflection of the outside world through the mirrored closets.

But no pictures on the walls and few clothes hanging in the aforementioned wardrobes of glass.

We do hope that our possessions are OK in the truck across america *nervouslooktocamera*


The sun fairly BURSTS through the (white slatted – going for the whole Moonlighting era L.A, darlings – blinds).

Greg (from the recent Palm Springs sojourn) packed us off with a vast care package of blow up mattress, coffee machine, individually wrapped cheese portions, pears, almonds and the lovely 1988 beach house comforter from clever Mr. Lauren.

So we sipped our coffee, standing up (no chairs) and leaning a little on the counter, and thought a lot.


At some point later today we need to get a library card (extremely important), lease a car (still a little confused about the visa/license timing issue There) and swim!



We have a pool.

Not just ours. In fact not ours at all. But it comes-with-the-building.

Isn’t that delicious?

We saw some friends last night. Some of whom had no idea that we had moved back.

When did you get back?

Last night.


Most seriously.

Had no idea you were actually going to do it 



But we said we wanted to come back.

No idea you’d actually do it.

Why would we waste energy talking about something and not make a plan to do it?




You’re still talking about moving back to new york then?


By this point the sun was setting over the Hollywood Hills and all the yoga studios were full of class-ending OMs and movie stars were deciding which

dressing to have on the side of a house salad at Scala.


You know it’s snowing back East, right?



Welcome home.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “life in los angeles is a subtle symphony of sand, Beige and mirrored closets.

    1. oh yes.

      a few Palm Trees.

      and if we position the sofa correctly (when it arrives), a View of the Hollywood Hills.

      isn’t that astonishingly lovely?

      waving to france!


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