pausing in palm springs.

yes, darlings

– it IS beautiful here. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we’ve realized why california means so much to us. 

it’s the essential mystery of living With The Elements, you see. 

Nature (we hesitate to prescribe a gender for tis mysterious and strange and sort of Above all That) is in charge.

the underlying (and never spoken about it) threat of earthquakes; the mountains, the dawn over the mountains, the sunset over the embedded low lying houses open to the welcoming warmth of day and cool breezes at night in the valley, the quiet hush of everything being as it is and as it will be.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA california feels Ancient. 

which is Awfully comforting and ever-present and take-your-time and all this will surpass and survive and there’s no rush. 


the crushed raspberry swirled with vanilla creme sunsets are a pause and a breathtaking – literally – bout de souffle – sight. 

one might slip into Keats and deep reverie when facing a sunset like this. 

O that our dreamings all, of sleep or wake,
Would all their colours from the sunset take:
From something of material sublime,
Rather than shadow our own soul’s day-time
In the dark void of night.


and this is the perfect place to pause and let whatever is next emerge. 

but not for long for we have lived in new york for (almost) seven years and we adore action and change and adventure and the pulse quickening and Plans.

and plans must be made – whether they are the right plans or not – who knows – but action begets action and one can always change course……….when out on the ocean a very slight change to the tiller will completely alter the view of the horizon and the eventual sight of land.

our health improves daily (thank you for your lovely comments) and we say Nothing when we hear that others are falling into the Flu for as you know, it was Horrid and we find it Not Helpful to panic others. 

however the coughing is quite disgusting. 

an almost whooping cough (very Emily Bronte but she did not have the benefit of a decongestant product) and Exhausting and Lingering (and we know it must be very irritating to hear…….we do apologize). 

imagine the inside of honeycomb – the sticky bit – mixed with candy floss (what Is that called in american? the pink spun sugar one has just before the veryfastandexcitingridesattheFair?) – squished and melded together and settling over one’s chest cavity (inside) and now the cough is trying to dislodge it. 

every. six. minutes.

in the meantime, we rest. 

and watch the sunlight kisses on pale lemon/sandy hued paint. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we sleep for Hours each night – and take a disco nap (and extended 12-inch-dance-record-of-a-nap or more in reality) – and then Lounge about in front of the (vast) television to catch up on popular culture (for as you know, we do not own a TV – and we can see why we made a decision to quit it many years ago – we would get Nothing Done – even the advertisements are Hypnotic, darlings – especially the ones for Target with all those white shiny paint and singular bold hued products – tres Sixties.)viewer-1

there are many cat naps (with an actual cat). viewerand delicious supper conversations with healing chicken soup (made from Scratch! very california slow food yumminess).

but the outside world calls…………….

it is almost time to hire a car to embark upon the drive into Los Angeles.

are you ready to join us?

it’ll be such fun.

less of a triumphant return than a sneaking into town via the mountain route – through pasadena, perhaps (we’re into the Ps right now) and smiling ever-so-broadly and brilliantly and there will be singing.

oh yes.

and you probably know what we’ll be singing first. 

turn it up.

oh yes.

that’s a lovely shoulder shimmy.

one more day to recover and then it’s time to hit the road.

or not Hit it.

but softly stroke it and whisper that we’re come home.

9 thoughts on “pausing in palm springs.

  1. “Keatsss…”
    “Keats, I tell you, its Keats.”
    Good to hear you are slooowly making your way back to well-being. Any chickie soup made in a Creuset certainly gets a nod from me.
    But please remember dear tg, just as in dancing, never rush the transitions! ;)

    1. dearest heather

      we did just half-a-song while waiting for the dryer to finish and had to sit down again.

      but it was Awfully good fun.

      swaying and being kinda 60s over here in vintage sinatra land.

      tg xxxx

  2. i am touched by the photos.
    i am happy that you are doing well.
    and i can’t wait to take me on a guided tour with you.
    so go get a car soon!!
    xxx from snowy -5° berlin <3

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