hello, california. We made it.


beyond tired.

And so happy. 


We have returned, to live, in California.


It was Very touch and go at the airport. We knew we weren’t contagious anymore (out of incubation period) but still careful with any outward signs of Tussle with the Flu.

Just the hacking cough (nowhere near an airport official so lots behind the newsstand so they couldn’t identify and haul us off the plane before take off.

Plane was actually fairly empty (this epidemic has had far reaching consequences for humanity) so we had an entire row and slept All The Way across America.


And we shall pause in palm springs for a few days with G and Z to get well before driving into los angeles to start building a new Life.

As soon as we entered the lovely sand hued ranch house we were told to get into a Robe (Japanese long cotton – ready for us) and soft slippers (Tokyo hotel room for westerners issue) and given a deep bowl of healing chicken soup.

Then the three of ua caught up with old friends over a low carb low sugar frozen treat and tea (for us).


Tis late Back East as we shall now learn to call it.

We wave fondly and lovingly to our beloved ones from the past (almost) 7 years and hope at least a few come to Visit (we really hope they will).

While slipping under a retro 1988 duvet from That clever Mr. LAUREN, purchased in Honolulu many moons ago when he was still doing that beachfront property owned by people with farrah flipped hair and great teeth.


California dreaming.

So happy.

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