good morning from palm springs, california

couldn’t be HAPPIER.

viewer-1watched the sunrise at 7AM over the mountains.

sipped coffee and felt at peace (which was then racked by coughing but tis passing, slowly, away, the memory of Flu fades….)

hung out with G + Z when they woke up.

and then went back to bed, found a soft spot of sunlight….

viewerand read truman capote.


are you having a delicious sunday, darlings?


roast chicken, spiritual benedictions and an afternoon at the touchdown for some sporting event?

what do you do?

do. tell.

10 thoughts on “good morning from palm springs, california

  1. Moonshine says:

    Good morning from New York :) Very happy that you are happy and ready for the next adventure. Will miss you, but so excited for your new beginning! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Till we meet again. Love & peace to you always. BIG hug. xoxo

  2. BigLittleWolf says:

    So happy to hear you have sunshine in SoCal!

    Sunday with a little work, a little New York Times, a little more work… and always, good coffee!

    Waving from behind my French Roast!

  3. Heather in Arles says:

    Sleeping. Just what you need. :)
    Thank you for asking, yes, feeling better enough to go to lunch at our friends place in Nimes for a traditional aîoli–have you ever had that? Lots of different plates (always a good sign) of veggies and fish that you dunk in a homemade garlic mayonnaise. Pretty wonderful. Lots of white wine consumed, lots of talking ensued. We brought a giant galette du rois (almond paste!) and a sparking Muscat (not exactly champagne but worth a try) for dessert. Left at after 5pm. Will have a quiet evening now.
    Still sending good thoughts for your throat and am so happy for you. You did it!!!
    Let the adventures continue…
    *waving from Southern France to Southern Cali*

  4. Stacy @bklynstacy says:

    Welcome home, darling! Sending you love all the way from the East Coast. As for me, I am up at the house in Garrison, reading and drifting and sitting in front of the fire, so a very lovely Sunday indeed. xx

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