grippe. Flu. Misery.

Oh no, darlings.

Our last few days in NYC.

And we get sick.


Even our eyeballs hurt.

Everything aches.

Send kind thoughts.


Apparently it’s going around.

Which is dreadfully upsetting.

Sort of a common sort of a Flu?

Whatever would the Mitfords say?

Sleep. Hot baths. Tea. And a novel read to one by Nanny.

No doubt.

Thank goodNess for British radio via the interweb, then.


Update: so Moved by all your comments both here and on instagram darlings!


So kind.



Feeling a little less gloomy now.

Isn’t the interweb delicious?

14 thoughts on “grippe. Flu. Misery.

  1. maybe this is your body’s way to grief about leaving NYC.
    i hope you get better soon. and also that there is someone nearby who’s taking care of you.
    sending all the love i have and tons of web-vitamines/webtamines **at this point you have to imagine to stand on a field of orange and lemon trees in sicily inhaling the warm breeze. picking fruit from the branches to enjoy a healthy juice afterwards! aaahhh*


  2. Oh dear. It does seem that everyone, even the most hardy, are falling ill. It worries me to pieces. Of course, with all of the stress running through you, it is no surprise at all that you have been bitten by the bug. Well, my dear tg, it is just a flu, as untimely as it is and you will get through it just as you have got through far worse. Please try to be kind to yourself as much as possible and in every way, it is the medicine that you need most right now, I believe.

      1. Wonderful! Not only a flu but also a diet! (of course not meaning you would need it but LA expects very thin mermaids to move in… see any of George’s books cover).

        Anyway, I wish you a soon total recovery.

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