giving a speech while losing one’s voice.

Usually we have a Much Crisper British accent

We said. To the gathered Executives at a Major book Publishing House.

But we have (almost) lost our voice due to the hideous and lingering after effects of a Cold

We thought it not prudent to overshare on the Moving and so on…..

Twas fun.

And nicely high-powered and engaging.

(it was as who we are in Real Life; not as our glorious virtual character-Ness, darlings)


And then a Lady Executive came up to us after and said:

Thank you for explaining all that tough technical stuff and not letting anyone think they had asked a silly question.

We smiled.

Because we Love to empower.

And then someone else said:

I looked for you on twitter. …..


Well, we are someone else online, you see 

And she gave us a curious look; taking in the pearls and the smart black jacket with the stretchy black executive new yorker clothing teamed with prada boots (the motorcycle kind – chic and surprising).

Oh! That WAS you…..

Not everyone can spot our Inner gloria. 

Especially when we are being Rather grown up and professional.

But if You had been there; you would have spotted it, we are Sure.

Maybe you were.

Were you?

Quelle delicious.

Thank you for smiling from the back of the room overlooking the Manhattan Skyline.

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