too much. #allpassionspent

it’s all too much.

need to go Back to Bed.


we’ve been Updating Change of Address and it’s exhausting (especially when one Encounters those either Automated or in-another-land “remote helping agents” who are not That Helpful when changing one’s utility bill reference details).


oh for a late 19th century existence.


although we Are aware that there were a Great Many Restrictions upon a person of whichever gender in those days.

but – you know – just for a moment – nothing to do but pick up a cup of tea and await a caller with roses.


and the Truck Across America doesn’t leave until the 14th.

so we’re flying out of here to there on the 12th instead.

and then we Wait on the other side (of the country) – not behind the veil of life itself, darlings.

we’re dramatic.

but not That Bad.


are you having a delicious day?

are you warm and toasty with a good book waiting for your arrival home from the Office?

we do hope so.

links and extracts please.

we love those.

8 thoughts on “too much. #allpassionspent

  1. Having a mug of Fortnum’s Royal Blend and just getting ready to head up Wooden Hill. I’ve Edmund White’s ‘Jack Holmes and his friends’ waiting for me. It’s a little racy so far.

  2. warm and toasty with many candles in my apartment. raining outside. the berlin “winter” starts to become depressing. rain rain rain. but i intend to stay up and wait for a long overdue skype session. other than that reading and snuggling up in my blanket.
    and waving from berlin over the ocean xx

    1. We Will need to send you sunny pictures of los angeles to brighten your winter……..while we watch Wim Wenders to add depth and despair and glorious cheekbones to the surface sunniness.

  3. … warm and toasty… and working… (would rather be with a good book)

    but warm and toasty is always good!

    “a cup of tea and await a caller with roses…” Oh how that makes me smile. In my (transitional times) college years, a female visitor to the “bell desk” was referred to as a visitor, but a male appearing to say hello or pick you up was referred to on the intercom as “a caller at the bell desk.”

    Very 19th century indeed. (And it still makes me smile.)

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