endless lists: countdown to leaving manhattan #7Days


we just made a few phonecalls to let people know we’re leaving in 7 days.

you can hear the hurt in some people’s voices.

and it makes us Very Sad.

but we understand.

it’s hard to leave.

but it’s harder to be Left.


the big city has been good to us (and also Very Tough and toughening and brutal and caressing and moulding and shaping and changing A Lot).

there’s Such a LOT TO DO.

we have lists Everywhere.


and we met with Jonathan this morning to hand over Big Tasks like:

  1. hire removal men (we assume they’re men, maybe not, that would be Refreshing)
  2. pack (everything – not a skill we have – we are Far Too Sentimental and it would Take Forever as we poured over scrapbooks and moleskines and books and notes and….doesn’t bear thinking about)
  3. put everything in Van and get it Driven Across America
  4. get dupe keys cut
  5. talk to new building manager to get ceiling painted (popcorn, er, no, we don’t Love that look), fix window, clean (and generally Prepare themselves for our Arrival ;-)

and then we’ll take on:

  1. change of addresses
  2. banks, accountant, attorney, doctors
  3. new driving license
  4. get a few month’s supply (how much??) replacement thyroid-glands-medication due to you-know-what (because we don’t know when/How? we’ll get a new DR as good as ours).
  5. etc.
  6. (we Faded fast when making our list).

we pause a Lot to take sips of various hot beverages and write.

in cafes.

(or we get Distracted and start Sorting Paperwork).


we feel Melancholic at every turn.

we swim, daily.

(yes, our local “health club” as they used to call them in 1970s england has a Chandelier)01a9f6b054de11e28ed022000a1fbc58_7

and then, at midnight (because we can’t Sleep), we get up and manically (but not clinically, so, fear not) Paint frames (Farrow and Ball – blue ground and pink ground).

sadly we paint them so Badly that they can’t even be claimed to be “shabby-chic” and so they’ll be Donated to housing works with the other various bits of our life that others might find useful (or not).

deep exhale.

and it’s 29 degrees.

Lots of Moisturizer, darlings.


and Kleenex.

and British telly DVDs in-the-post (thank you, dad).

4 thoughts on “endless lists: countdown to leaving manhattan #7Days

  1. D does say all the wisest things so I will just keep you in my Good Thoughts. I know how hard it is. When I left NYC for France it was…messy…at times and scary. People do the best they can dear tg, it just means that you mean too much to them, I agree. Stay strong. The good thing about doing this so quickly is that soon you will be on the other side of it. Bisous!

    1. Chere heather!

      We feel a Lot Better tonight having gone through and Ticked Off a long list of tasks.

      And had supper with a friend who said “see you in LA” as if that would happen quite naturally because they are a global citizen too so they catch Lots of Planes.

  2. It all seems quite brave to me. Melancholic, yes. That, too. Moving one mile some years back – leaving a home and all its nooks, crannies, marks, and memories almost broke me. Then again, the circumstances were a pushing out from, not an adventuresome reaching out and going to.

    The details are tedious either way. Goodbyes, as you’ve recently remarked, are avoided by some – perhaps the emotion is too great.

    But brave you are, and stepping into another variation. How delicious. And I know there will be chandeliers and moleskins and cafés, and new stories to paint for us. We will be happy to welcome them.

    1. D – you say all the Right and Wisest things. Yes. Perhaps that’s it. Some people find it too much to say adieu.

      Oh. And saying that you will be waiting for the cafes and the moleskines and Everything on the other coast to be recorded here and mused over made us Smile.

      Thank you. Merci, vraiment.

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