gosh. 20-13?

Well, darlings.

It is looking a bit fresh, new and vulnerable out There.



We remember writing some (much) earlier year at the top (right) of our Latin prep (homework) ruled paper-bound (yes, children) exercise Book.

And marvel(l)ing at the newness of the Year.

We make no resolutions.

Some sketched out dreams with Lists; yes (daily).

But as you know, we believe Greatly in serendipity and delight and deliciousness.


And writing-it-out.

To find out what’s next.

Responding to clues.

Often when curled up in a cosy corner of the couch with a pashmina perfectly-soft-ness to hand…….inside a book (the clues – we can’t climb inside the book – only metaphorically).

Isn’t it all glorious?


And all. That.


(you knew that was coming……and may we say what a classic shoulder shimmy that was – who knew ;) once a club-kid……..ah. Memories – oops. That did it. Barbra on the brain (or did you get the Elaine Paige version floating into Your head?)

We digress.

Which is fine with us.

Start the year as we mean to go on.

With a light tan (rooftop swimming at L’ermitage last week, darlings), a collection of journalism from Djuna Barnes (a Find indeed at the local library) and a View over Manhattan fire escapes behind which Others dream and plan too.


6 thoughts on “gosh. 20-13?

  1. Happy, happy New Year!!! Hooray!!! Oui, ma chére, a year full of adventure ahead and I am delighted that you are letting the dreams come to you langorously, even if you are researching them studiously. ;) We stayed in our pjs all day (yes even to walk Ben, the Golden–which is a very scandalous thing to do in France), cracked open lobster, sipped champagne and hooked up the record player that had been gathering dust since the last moving day. Honestly? I am afraid I used up all my good jujube’s for the year already because I can’t think of a better day than that!

    And yes, I did see *jazz hands* coming but it still made me smile. Again, sending wishes of a wonderful year of adventure, health and hope blooming.
    Sleepily waving with a yawn from Provence,

      1. Oh I had the long camel coat and Mr. Fox the foulard on to distract. Ahh, actually walking in just my pjs–even if my ll bean flannels have a certain 30s panache–that would have caused an uproar!

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