you’ll never get a cab. (sally turns back to laugh loudly).


new year’s eve.


we always thought (the sadly late) Nora Ephron caught the mood perfectly in her screenplay – you THINK it’s a good idea to go out for an occasion that requires a sparkly outfit – and then you realize it’s Hell.

and you can’t get a cab.

depending on one’s relative Youth or inexperience (or lack, thereof, of bad memories of years past) – you have very little recourse but to turn back to one’s date (or the person you just realized is sufficiently attractive for the evening – beware – end-of-year “relationships” are Very tough to get out of once one has started watching DVDs and cooking because it’s Too cold to go out – of course, this is Less Likely on the Other Coast – but Very Common – we use our words advisedly – in England).


we Adore new year’s Day.

so fresh. so hopeful. usually so chilly and requiring Lots of cashmere swathed around one’s neck (the Scar says hello, by the way, it is Fading but still gets Awfully Cross when people say “Oh! I can’t see it at all”. which we hear as “so we can forget about what happened.” garumph.)

but new year’s EVE is a different story.

especially if one lives in a highly-sought-after-piece-of-real-estate-area-with-restaurants.

last year, you might recall (unless you’ve just joined us and then, well, a cheery wave of a pale blonde gloved hand with a single-pearl-button-at-the-wrist in your general direction, dear) we went To Ojai and it was delicious. mainly because we had a Very Civilized travel(l)ing companion (always splendid to travel with other published writers – we are So Observant together and it’s delicious fun to make up BackStories for our fellow diners in late night cafes.).

in our Younger Days we enjoyed a new year’s eve party.

and maybe we will again – in a future house (oh, let it be in Montecito – we’d Adore to invite Oprah and Gayle over for a surprisingly gluten-free feast made by Nigel whom we hope is staying with us for the holidays that year).

but now we are Betwixt and Between.

this is a Quality Problem – we have two apartments – one on either coast – but only one has Us and our Possessions in it – the other one Awaits the arrival of the chaps-from-Edison to hook up the electricity – and a Van to arrive with our Furniture at Some Point – TBA/to be co-ordinated with Jonathan – we have other skills – packing is not one of them.

so we have decided to catch up on the lovely pile of books at home.

418485-L viewer-1 viewer-1 viewer-2 viewer

and now we’ve finished the Amy Ephron (it was Jolly good – highly recommended), we are taking it Uptown (East – very fashionable) to read the funny bits out to someone who isn’t feeling too well at All and sip tea (so soothing).

before returning to our (current) new york Apartment to start dialing Friends* on the (pale ballet slipper pink) princess phone to wish them a glorious 2013.

*this can be staggered throughout the evening as we have Friends on many continents – some of whom we actually know in RL too.

but. not. all (as yet).

a final word from our new find – Doris Langley Moore

viewer viewer-4



oh. wait.


Nancy needs the last word.

viewer-1 viewer-3


we are absolutely Convinced that Nancy spent many a new year’s eve pretending that she was going to attend the Ambassador’s party, but at the last moment, slipped into a soft cotton robe and scrapbooked-the-past-year (using those little gilt photograph corners with proper glue and a stick to apply it) – and then Telephoned England to gossip – and Wrote Letters.

we shall endeavo(u)r to do the same.

most excellent.

happy new year darlings!


12 thoughts on “you’ll never get a cab. (sally turns back to laugh loudly).

  1. Darling, happy twenty-thirteen. We did have a lovely time in Ojai didn’t we? Palm Springs was also lovely but in a different way. The birthday part was a challenge, but as someone wise said, 60 is the new 59.
    Loving you to pieces and counting the days til you come back home.

  2. So strange (or not). I couldn’t get Nora Ephron out of my mind yesterday, especially after reading something in the Times that mentioned her (Bruce Feiler’s article). So strong was her presence (in a warm and sparkling way), that I found Julie & Julia on cable last night to enjoy.

    New Year’s Day is indeed filled with a sense of new beginnings. A deep breath in brisk air. Comme il faut.

    Waving at you from my little home a tad south, an experimental dinner in process, little lights on the tree still twinkling (in the most subtle way of course), a bottle of champagne (and cookies) for later (if I manage to stay awake)… and wishing you a glorious 2013 full of health and wondrous adventures.


  3. Dear TG,
    I just arrived back in the apartment from buying “la champagne” where I explained that only “amateurs” (please give me the benefit of the French accent) went out in Manhattan on NYE (such a tricky holiday that it has been reduced to mere letters). This statement was received with solemn nods that were trying to cover up surprise. The Frenchies must have had an entirely different image in mind, mais alas, ’tis true. Because, c’est vrai, you can not get a cab. Unless you feign a voracious hookeresque stance (that was oddly the exact one repeated by a Very Famous Person at a certain gold bald man award ceremony) while waving a $20 in the air. Admittedly, that worked for me one year (although I imagine a hundie would be required to get the job done these days). I had no date to be embarrassed in front of, so it was easy to be a bit Auntie Mamish.

    My favorite NYC NYE? The end of the world. Do you remember it? Y2K? Hmm. I was all by myself in my apartment just off of Times Square. I figured if I was going to go, no better way to spend those last moments than in a bubble bath, sipping champagne and listening to Sarah Vaughan. I was right. I heard some happy shouts at some point, realized that midnight had passed and we all were still here, filled up my coupe and left another soggy print on a turned page.

    I thoroughly believe that you have such a very important year ahead of you that it is wise to rest up. No one likes limbo but you know exactly where your heart is and where you are going. Hooray!

    Thank you for all of the joy and inspiration that you have brought me at the end of this interesting if at times challenging year. Will be routing for you mightily as you move forward,

    1. Heather. You are delicious! We love the bubble bath and Sarah vaughan Ness. Quelle genius. We spent the end of the world in south beach pre-heart-broken (we could see It coming – and it did, but not until that summer of 2001 when all our Possessions were in a container ship and we were given the news over the phone. Dagger-to-the-heart).

      But you are right.

      2013 is going to be glorious.

      Waving to you in France.

      The amateurs have already started. Am eating a flounder sandwich in a local cafe and the smug marrieds next to us are being pretentious over the Pinot while He looks scared about the imminent arrival of the in laws and She has clearly doubled up on the anti depressants.


      We sip our skim latte with a spiritual air.

      1. PS. The only and I do mean only good thing about having your heart so broken is that you know you will never have to go through it again. I am still truly sorry that happened to you though.
        Why do they try to put out the light?

        1. Ah. Heather. One’s heart was rather Frozen over. Subsequent breakages have started to let in the Light. We bear no ill will. Although we are surprised at their clothing choices in the place they now live (shudder – #fleece).

          1. Do you know that in France there is actually a term for the one who really does you in? Le creve-coeur. Literally, the heart-breaker but actually a bit more like the heart-killer. From my point of view, I would take comfort if mine had gone astray in his sartorial choices. No, he has only gotten more handsome, more successful and grown into exactly who I knew he would in his glorious life. *shaking my head a bit, not too much but a bit*
            Alright, I will leave you be. I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of these responses, I know how much you have on your plate these days, I just have been really enjoying the exchange. :)
            Sending good thoughts as you dig into the organizing of the actual move, hooray!

            1. Not overwhelmed :) by your responses anyway. We are Probably overwhelmed if getting up at midnight to paint picture frames to use up the farrow and ball paint (blue ground – milky chalky seaside sky)………yes……overwhelmed. #sigh but in a Good Way. Love the proper drama et passionel of la France. Like godard’s movie….English = breathless…..francais = bout de souffle #glorious

  4. Yes it’s all go here. Obviously I was invited to hundred’s of parties, oh no that’s right, I wasn’t. However that suits me, so it is quiet, warmth, telly, cheese on toast and soup, cake and no drunk people. HAPPY NEW YEAR xxx

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