hello, jet lag. #backInNYC


Is that you?


……..pause to slip into dark embrace of caffeine……


Baby. It is (bloody) cold out there.


But toasty in here (the Greenwich village one).

We unpacked at 1AM.

After a freezing block walk due to cab driver getting lost in one way (we weren’t much help).

Some delicious packages waiting patiently by our apartment door……including biscuits from Fortnums (gosh) and a (said in a very shy slightly quiet voice) signed copy of a book with a Nice Note from the Author.


Happy Dec 30th, darlings. 

Attempting to reach the swimming pool to re-align our east-coast-ness.

We may be some Time.


Movie recommendations for our dearest friend uptown who is not well. Anything with Doris Day or Garbo. Just saying.

3 thoughts on “hello, jet lag. #backInNYC

  1. I surely miss you. Where I am (and I can’t say because THEY are after me) is scorching hot.

    Now, I can’t believe you got a signed copy of “Perks”. I literally just finished reading. (I got a copy for Christmas). And I loved it.

    Of course, I had seen the movie already and I thought it was brilliant. Thus far is my favorite flick of 2012.

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