we have a (few) rooms with a view.


hello, new view.

from new apartment.

in. los. angeles.



speechless (for once ;-)

thank you to George + Maria (who came with us Yesterday for Viewings) + D and heather-in-arles and ruth (who all left us delicious messages of Encouragement Here and William and Eleanor (and bumble ward who sent a delicious wave from laurel canyon and invited us to tea but we couldn’t get there this time as we were at the Bank – cashier’s check – and the new Building – to Sign The Lease and so forth) and Tiara (for tis her true name) at L’Ermitage who was the first actual face to face human we told about our new Place when we got the Call while swimming (well, we had paused on a Lounger at that point) in the Rooftop Pool and Miss Jules Berlin OH! so many people who-help-us-get-through-the-day especially on a day like today when we had to Wait to find out about the apartment.

which we now have.

you know.

in Los Angeles.

14 thoughts on “we have a (few) rooms with a view.

  1. Welcome back to Los Angeles! It’s wonderful to know you are nearby and we can share some time together. Happy new year and new adventures and know that we in LA are happy that you are here.

  2. so delicious getting all your virtual good wishes! waving to France (and to Patagonia where a good friend is currently holidaying – tres glam) and to Michael in his shop (is it open again yet after the hols?) and to ENGLAND (Dame Commander – had no idea one could be Both – chic!)

    flying back to NYC today – getting the cashmere wraps ready – it’s bloody cold over that Coast apparently. 30 degrees! eek.

  3. Wonderful. Looking forward to lots of snaps once you’ve Doris Day’d the place :)

    Anyway, you know what Maye West would say.


    I see we’ve both been overlooked in the New Year’s honours list, although I do know someone who has been made a Dame Commander. Very glamorous.

    Lots of love darling and enjoy the sun. Xx

    1. dearest chaps!

      best of luck with Your Move too…..

      exciting times.

      JW/1 – might need to go shopping with you for a cowboy hat we think….non? at least the Boots?

  4. Michael


    We completely FORGOT to mention your delicious supportiveness too.

    we found a chandelier store. a whole store. full. of. chandeliers.

    but the ceiling in the new place isn’t very high.

    oh well.

    next house.

    bought with royalties from the book ;-)

  5. I shall miss the east coast portraits and quintessential Manhattan vignettes…
    But just think of all the undiscovered chandeliers in Los Angeles! :)
    Aren’t you efficient! Sending large congratulatory waves from the Midwest.

    1. Hooray!!!! *bouncing up and down on my sofa*

      I knew it! On to the next chapter…

      And low ceilings don’t necessarily mean chandelier un-friendly. It just brings you all the closer to the baubles. :)

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