rainy day activities in #LosAngeles and thank you darlings @avalonBH


it’s RAINING in Los Angeles!

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 8.14.20 AM

and COLD.



we’re leaving on a jet plane shortly (but we do know when we’ll be back again ;-)


rainy day activities call.

some driving in the mini cooper, clearly (which we do love but not LOVE because it’s like driving a tiny Tank and we nearly got chopped in Half by the door when it slammed shut yesterday on maple drive).

but the Best rainy day activity is always a book shop.

like this one. 

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 8.17.24 AMbecause we finished Breakfast at Tiffanys on the way here.

so we need something good for the way back.

mainly because iTunes doesn’t seem to have Moonlighting for download (shock, horror, gasp, clutch-pearls).

of course Moonlighting is one of the main reasons we are moving back.

moonlightingCybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis star in Moonlighting.

and Michael Caine, of course.


he still lives here, doesn’t he?

we are sure we’ll become Great Friends.

after all, we’ve shared a pot of coffee with a few movie stars during our last sojourn (2001 – 2006), and we’re Ever so much more grown-up and accomplished and humble and congenial Now.

plus we have a book deal.

and they like That Sort of Thing in this joint.

delicious sigh.

btw (as the young people say), we just got up the Courage to tell certain (family) members that we’re moving back and naturally their first (panic) text was All About whether we still had the big NYC job (no, we’re not mutually Linked In so they don’t know we are a Special Advisor now and doing glorious things for Japanese-owned TV stations and Fashion Companies) and will have a book published in 2013 and the Photography is really coming along now and will be a lovely side business for people who-do-not-necessarily-like-having-their-picture-taken, Oh! and the movies of course (we’ll be Meeting with People as soon as we return about those).

(pause for 7 minute meditation)

we Know that people like other people to Have Security and all that (actually, relying on one’s own talents to get by THRIVE and succeed and be joyously Abundant is probably a lot more Secure than sitting Inside a Corporation these days) but don’t they read the newspapers?*

*did you just get that little pop-up with Mr. Bon Jovi too? we love the Los Angeles Times.

but not as much as we love you.

and – you know – the new apartment in Los Angeles that awaits our return.


time to Pack and leave this gorgeous 1960s-themed-hotel.


thank you lovely people at:


you were delicious.

especially Very Helpful and charming Amber (don’t people have lovely names in Southern California?) on the Front Desk.

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