a tiny bit Frustrating #houseHunting

The day started Early (east coast time) and there was a delicious sky over west hollywood once the Rain Storm (curious – this is LA – luckily it was over before most Residents woke up so they had No Idea).


But then……..oh! EVERYTHInG went wrong.

The realtors said there was no room at the inn (apartment buildings on streets that we Preferred).

And then we spent HOURS on the phone trying to find space in Other places (even buildings that we Really weren’t sure about) but no dice (as they say in Italian movies).


So we took a pause (not the one that refreshes but the one that avoids a Meltdown).

Sat outside the swimming pool that is a not so distant cousin of the place we swim in new york, until, well, until the end of December which is Fast Approaching.

And Dialed.


And Finally got some appointments for tomorrow.

To see apartments.


At 3pm we gave up and went to see Holly.

We had a lovely winding down and forgetting the pain of finding a place to Live answer splendid conversation and a negotiating Leashes (not leases) which got twisty Around glorious dogs (6 of them! 5 came for a walk)

There’s something about dogs that makes everything ok.

And sharing a booth at a diner that’s been in situ since the 1940s (very LA as a decade) and talking about Everything and laughing a Lot also helps to assuage the Panic over finding somewhere lovely to lay one’s head while we wait for the next chapter to unfold.

This picture is courtesy of tjenamos as we left all devices back at the house to just do the dkny leather jacket, lip salve, debit card, stretchy black fabric new york/Russian retired ballet mistress look, with boots. No bag. A tiny bit liberating after the Frenzy of driving driving driving and pulling over to -write -down-numbers-where-vacant-signs Appeared all Over Town (well, the nicer bits).


The Brite Spot does a lively lovely light fitting. Non?

Wish us Luck for apartment viewings in the matin!

We are being so self-involved!

Peering closely into camera.

How was your Boxing Day/St. Stephen’s darlings?

Do. Tell.

Sporting events? James Bond marathon on the TV? Juice cleanse? We hear all three are popular right now.

10 thoughts on “a tiny bit Frustrating #houseHunting

  1. i agree with michael. your place will find you i have no doubt about that.
    when will you move out of your apartment in NYC?
    sending love and some german persistence ;)
    xxx julia

  2. You won’t find the perfect place…it will find you! Worry Not.
    No juice cleanse, but Cassandra and I did take in Les Miserables and it was tres maginfique!

  3. Fingers crossed my love. Even if the stars don’t align how you thought they would, they will align. Keep us posted.
    Finally back in London to quiet, but it is cold, so I have the cranked up the heating and I am looking forward to two days of solitary hibernation. Xx

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