the best Christmas ever.

Too tired to write.

But very happy.

The best Christmas ever.

Elated. Relaxed. Satiated. New friends. Longtime companions. Happy places.


Very grateful. Thank you @tjenamos!


Set out before dawn in the groovy mini cooper.


Chateau Marmont. 6am.



Then to cheZ George. 7.55am.


Driving. Swimming. Steaming. At the gym. And watching Bewitched.



Jet lag.

Jake kept guard by the Swedish tree.


And then we went to Not one but Two gatherings around a Hearth and friends and food and (gentle) gossip and playing new electronic device games with a Smart six year old called Henry.

We left cameras and phone at home.

And now we are slipping into a sweet slumber.

Did you have a Delicious Christmas day, darlings?

Do. Tell.

7 thoughts on “the best Christmas ever.

  1. Sounds so lovely! So jealous you get to spend time at Chateau, in my humble opinion, one of the most magical places ever. I for one was miss lazy! Got quite a few new things to keep me occupied: Reading The House of Mirth on my new Kindle Fire & eating my way thru house and home. Looking forward to more LA tales! xoxo

  2. Sounds absolutely delightful!
    And sometimes it’s not only okay, but good to leave the camera at home.
    That CHAIR by the Swedish tree!

    Hosted 25 for Christmas Eve. French meat pies, fab simple salad, homemade egg nog (6 cups of liquor!), mulled wine, hot buttered rum and most importantly, delicious company! Christmas day was quiet (and quasi reflective) by design- punctuated by The Guilt Trip with my nearest.

    Happy Boxing Day!
    M. xxx

  3. So glad you had such a good one. Ours was particularly dull and ripe for a rethink. But seeing my lovely cousins today which will perk things up and London tomorrow so life’s balance will return.

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