Landed in los angeles

Thrilled to be here.

Tickled pink!





Thank goodness we brought the black leather jacket and prada boots (mens’side of the shop, sort of motorcycle in milan style).


And Big Jackie Os.

With copies (v organized) of an info sheet (bank details, former employers, residences and personal refs – quite a strange experience to see it all typed up bold as Life) to find an Apartment!

merry christmas eve, darlings.

That Is a Festive stocking and no Mistake.

Update from lake-of-silver; sitting quietly next to a swedish christmas tree and feeling so Here and at peace and relieved and full-of-joy.


10 thoughts on “Landed in los angeles

  1. yes, you are right… i am on the countryside.. very west. close to the border of the netherlands and belgium. well, there is no more border :) but you know what i mean.
    only the snow is missing… springlike temperatures here but we enjoy christmas time nonetheless. have you already been successful with your apartment search? sending love xxx

    1. We forget there are no Borders anymore. They always looked so Attractive when escaping one’s Fate in the movies……

      No apt yet. Fingers crossed and toes too.

    1. Hello Berlin! Or actually countryside-of-germany? We are pretty sure your Christmas festive pictures were located somewhere snowy and rural and quiet and not city like at All……happy/Merry.

      1. i have tears of joy mix with sadness….with knowing we did not have our celebration…..and, having you a jump away….have a brilliant Christmas – i can see your smile from uptown Manhattan ! are you comfy ? thinking and thanking you always,


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