packed and ready for Los Angeles (part 1)


So it’s the night before the night before. …as it were…and we’re Packed and ready to fly to Los Angeles for part 1 of our journey back to the Other Coast after almost 7years in manhattan. 

Always good to get Really Sentimental and hopelessly festive by watching a suitably uplifting and twinkly movie.

This trip is to find somewhere to live.

And a car to drive (it being L.A)

But we are having Feelings about leaving NY.

Especially when the city is doing Such a good job of being all delicious and warm and sparkly. 

As it was today.


All congenial over Brunch with its inhabitants in basic black (and a couple spotted with berets too) sipping espresso and sharing the sunday papers.


And tiny new yorkers danced to their own rhythm in greenwich village.


Even the sunrise this morning was tranquil and not up and at em overachieving at All (because everyone here is now on Vacation).


We have a fresh moleskine (#145) to write in as we take off.

And all our data is backed up (*concerned-look-to-camera* is Yours, darlings?)


So we can take the laptop and know all is well (for we deliver the Book Assets in the new year when we sign the Contract with our Publisher and smile a lot at our clever Literary Agent).

Some people keep text-ing-us to say “are you there or here?” which is sort of depressing that they’re obviously not Regular readers of us here #sigh.

Some we respond to.

Others we don’t.

Just like some respond to our letters and requests or connecting and thanking.

And some – well – don’t.

But we’ve been here before.

Transitions are by their nature changeable and relationships wax and wane like the moon or the size of one’s office.

We’re still here (Carol tells the story best).

The biggest issue (and we struggle to write this) is that our application for permanent residency (the card that is not in fact green in the plastic-y-reality) is now due for a decision (after, yes, almost 12 years in the usa so if you’re an American reading this, you’ll know that we clearly want to be in your country, and we’ve discovered patience Is a Virtue and pretty much a Requirement too).

And it might come through. It might not. That happens. More often than you might imagine. Especially with the economy the way it is.

So when people say: “are you moving to LA permanently?!” (the double punctuation is for the incredulous new yorker Residents who cannot Believe that anyone would do so).

We don’t know.

Is the answer.

But we are definitely flying There tomorrow, darlings. 

Stay tuned for the sound of the Pacific Ocean upon touchdown tomorrow.

One magical thought to leave you with.

Two people we know are also flying into LA tomorrow at around the same time – but one is immediately driving south and the other has a layover before taking the final 14 hours to Sydney. Whenever we are in an airport and a Name pops into our head, we wonder if they’re in the airport too. Flying on somewhere else.

It reminds us of the night one of our uncles (we have several actually -large family – for another Time) asked us to meet a teenage friend of one of our cousins (many more of those) who was changing planes in LA from INDIA en route to england. 

Of course!

We said (because we adore an adventure).

So we met the teen and decided we would eat at encounter at LAX.

Do you know it?



Rather Trippy. 

We created Quite a stir, apparently, when The teen got back to blighty and told them about their 3hours in a neon lit bubble with someone charming but rather eccentric who had Many stories to tell.


Eccentricity is a great cover for when one is scared of what is to come.

We had only just arrived in LA ourselves a short while before. And in those days still needed to pretend we knew what we were doing and that it was All Sorted.

Now, of course, we haven’t a Clue what’s going on at All.

And that’s rather freeing.

In a California style way.

4 thoughts on “packed and ready for Los Angeles (part 1)

  1. Oh! so excited to see your Visits! And your brave words od encouragement are Much Needed. *waving* to leamington (lovely sprouts!), a France (chic decorations heather!) and generally in the direction of Michael (because we are a Bit hazy as to where that would be from here. And yes absolutely canters. )

  2. Oh my, the in-between, the right before and then the launch forward regardless. I am cheering you on from my quiet corner of Provence. Your bravery and honesty will serve you well not to mention your openess and eagle eye. Hurrah!
    Sending Good Thoughts for all of the trip,

  3. Darling!
    How exciting! And so the adventure begins…the eager-anxiousness is palpable!
    Have a lovely Christmas and while you’re there, do have a pastrami on rye from Canters on Fairfax…and a piece of rugelach for desert. The raspberry. :)

    We’ll be waiting with baited breath to hear of your prospects.
    xo M.

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