a parisian cafe morning in manhattan #balthazar with @jennafain

quelle chic of a matin, darlings

as M. Sartre once wrote:

it is certain that the cafe by itself with its patrons, its tables, its booths, its mirrors, its light, its smoky atmosphere, and the sounds of voices, rattling saucers, and footsteps which fill it – the cafe is a fullness of being.


and so it was at Balthazar this morning. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and our breakfast companion was the glorious Jenna Fain who was Very Kind and agreed to join in with the anonymous/writer/parisian theme that we decided to embrace today.

what did we eat?

of course we’ll tell you – tartine, beurre and a Rather English pot of tea – oh, and marmalade, for us – a small pain au chocolat for her.

Jenna is one to watch – most definitely – so much material – so many ideas – and a Very engaging Voice (of a generation) – we feel great things are Ahead. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the cafe was suitably warm and yet Parisian in manner and dress and delightful frostiness of cheekbone and slim white linen apron and a glare at an unsuitable customer – we felt Most at Home. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



and it’s only 10AM.

we spent time with a future voice of a generation – air-kissed with a former Hollywood Executive (who: cue to camera – came up to say hello to Us – ahem – shy yet engaging smile) and a Movie Star was in the corner, with friends.


2 thoughts on “a parisian cafe morning in manhattan #balthazar with @jennafain

  1. Miss Gloria, the privilege of seeing you in full glory this morning was all mine! I avoid being in photos at all cost and now you’ve immortalized me with a fierceness I’m not sure I ever knew I had. And your kind words! The “voice of a generation.” The ultimate compliment and one I dearly hope to fulfill soon. Can’t wait until we sip tea again in January! xo

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