opening parcels, slowly waking up, the pace of sundays in new york

we missed an important appointment yesterday and we’re still mortified.

It’s not your M.O….so I was worried.

the gentle soul was very kind

But it freaked us out.

We. Don’t. Miss. Appointments.

the season, the move prospects, the new Life, the leaving-behind (agonizing sadness in the eyes of Others during what-are-probably-goodbyes but we dont-say-it – we both mutter something about maybe-january but we know it is Unlikely), the consulting that didn’t happen and never Quite Explained, finishing up Projects and supporting visions and Being Practical and worrying -slightly -about How Long it will take to settle in and build something new and…..


We. Are. Overwhelmed.

the due date is coming close on the green card – we’re not certain it will be awarded (they are not guaranteed) – we say Vague and brave things like –

Well. We Could go to Australia!

But the thought of Starting again is just too much.

And yet we could. 

We Could.

So yes We Are missing appointments with People we really wanted to see. And it feels wrong and imperfect and that’s scarier than anything.

There’s also silence from certain quarters and we’re not strong enough to find out why.

So thank goodness for a quiet sunday morning to take a deep breath…..


Open a parcel from William in London


And take a small but perfect hour back in bed to gaze upon exquisite imagery in the book that came nestled inside the Parcel #weadoreaparcel he sent.


From a glorious exhibition at the Tate – and reviewed here by The Telegraph and The Guardian for two Contrasting and Yet Most English of commentaries.

This is the picture we stopped and stared at for a good long time…..


It’s one from the glorious Eve Arnold.


“one of four girls who share a flat in knightsbridge”

We first saw this – when?



Brighton – a museum? A gallery?

We remember the feeling, if not the Place.

One day we will live in a flat and hang handwashed delicates over the bath and hear voices from next door and a kettle whistling and laughter and we will adjust the bath taps to run in more hot water and see the steam rise over the high window and look out at the view and plan the next adventure.

And it all happened. Just like that.

It really did 


Nothing to worry about.

But we will be double checking the date book and all appointments twice before setting out after the bath and lavender salted steam clears from the mirror……..

6 thoughts on “opening parcels, slowly waking up, the pace of sundays in new york

  1. Few things frighten me more than missed appointments; along with forgotten names or mislaid keys, I get this stab of terror in my heart, followed by wincing remorse and regret, and then I try to remember to breathe. And be present. And know that it’s all a reminder to be here now. Where everything always is.

    1. Oh gosh, yes, mislaid KEYS…….sleepless nights.

      Thank you dearest George for your comforting wave from the Other Coast.

      It is beastly weather in Manhattan today.

      Thank goodness for books and coffee.

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