the dreamy sweet-sleepless world of #nicolettaCeccoli

darlings. …….

do look at this strange and beautiful piece of art that courted our senses and captured the Vast Imagination as we walked by the AFA gallery on greene street today……(tis a saturday – art calls…)



And curious.

While disturbing and also Rather delicious.



When we are next in Italia (spring we hope – early would be lovely; late is more likely), we must beg (prettily) for a studio visit and rose-hip with honey cakes on a tiny tray (one of those tiered cake stands from a baroque castello).

The artist is divine.

Nicoletta Ceccoli.

In America at AFA (54 greene st, nyc 10013) in the gallery space right now and in the Permanent Collection thereafter.

In deepest realms of thought and Fantasy and gorgeous-ness on the internet here and There.

while forever in one’s waking dreams…….




do say something - do :-)

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