guten tag, julia stoepel! @missjulesberlin came to visit.


a day of delicious Visits from Abroad (and the Other Coast)!

guild was in NYC from Los Angeles(bleary eyed but always cheerful and Extremely Tall and gentlemanly) and met us for an early breakfast on carmine street.

Then tonight one of our favor(u)rite muso-vinyl-men is in Town from London so we’ll be having supper and then hopefully heading to bleecker st records to see what’s on the turntable. ….

And late morning we had a Treat indeed…..

julia stoepel was in town from BERLIN!


Don’t you?

All those semiotic classes at university, rilke, das kabinet Dr. Caligari, Bowie, iggy (can we call him just Iggy?), Mr. Reed, sunken cheekbones, late night cabaret (and Cabaret, of course), paintings in abandoned buildings with full floor studios and black coffee with a slightly world weary half smile.


julia was splendid.

It’s her story so we cannot tell it but oh – Quelle Adventurous and brave hearted and utterly glorious she is…….


As befitting her short stay in this city from her city, we walked around and took black and white pictures and talked about Life and Love and……..los angeles where we do believe we will see her next.


Did we tell you (almost) our most treasured factoid about julia?




julia is the voice of Hello Kitty in germany. 

As well as an accomplished actor, voiceover artist and Lover of Adventure.


she is also completely enthralled (as you know We are) by a chandelier.

thank you, meine freundin julia, for the Visit – and the precious flowers.


See you in Hollywood, dearest one.

4 thoughts on “guten tag, julia stoepel! @missjulesberlin came to visit.

  1. my dearest sophia, dear teamgloria,
    i am still enchanted by our little encounter and deeply flattered about the words you wrote about me.
    i will have to write instagram a huge thank you note for bringing you into my life… and not only YOU, as you know ;-)
    i cannot wait to see you again soon, whether it will be LA or berlin or which ever other city on this amazing planet it will be.
    alles liebe aus berlin und eine große umarmung

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