#eastcoastportraits – mary-in-brooklyn

it feels like we’re starting to say our goodbyes now – what with the holiday season fast upon us, the trip to LA (1.0 to find housing, car and where our new-life-will-land), then back to NY to pack and then……..leave.

so we needed to make sure we are capturing as many people we love as possible for our #eastcoastportraits series and that meant a Trip to Brooklyn to see Mary-in-Brooklyn

the crisp air required a Lot of warmness in scarves and the bright clear sky demanded (kindly) a good pair of sunglasses so we both headed out to explore Brooklyn and find a tattooed/street-art wall for a suitably gritty-yet-fabulous background. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

quick story about Mary-in-Brooklyn.

she used to be in Manhattan and worked in a very nice (quite modest) skyscraper with a lovely art deco’ish lobby and an office with-a-view and a telephone.

the telephone is the important bit.

because one day we called (as who we are in-realLife) and said:

would you like to visit Our Skyscraper – big fan of your work – there’s a project coming up to pitch – shall we have tea?

and she was surprised because usually in the land-of-ambition-and-tall-buildings-and-stress there’s a Certain Protocol which usually involves very complicated sets of meetings and PowerPoint slides and paper clips and fussing in the elevator to meet-the-client and waiting-for-ever-for-a-response and getting someone else to put-in-a-good-word and so on.

but no.

we cut through all that.

Mary was a Very senior Person at a good firm and we’d read about her work and the firm’s reputation and thought we’d dispense with the Traditional way of doing Business (how refreshing!).

so we picked up the Telephone and dialed.

and the project was a success and well, we both won a global award for it (quelle delicious!)


and now we’re friends.

we’ve been friends since we worked on the Project (which, if you are involved in Projects, you will know is Not always the case so we’re grateful for the Friendship).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and Mary has great cheekbones which photograph so Well.

(always a most enjoyable thing to find in a subject – and a friend).

we stopped a while by the River and looked out at Manhattan across the watery-way and mused on how Far our lives have come in almost-seven-years.

and where and when and how and what will happen next. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the great thing is that we will have many more telephone calls and teas and walks around cities to talk about where-we-now-are in our Lives.

which is the greatest thing about having friends.

the passage of time and the bubbling excitement of seeing each other move into the next Chapter.


or – yeah (slow nod) – c o o l

(as the hip people in brooklyn say).

2 thoughts on “#eastcoastportraits – mary-in-brooklyn

  1. So good to see you and thank you for schlepping to Brooklyn. We hope to have you visit from the other coast and will miss our substantive talks. 7 years? Has it been that long? We will have to keep in touch over the “internets”. Can’t wait for sunny pics as we enter winter on the EC!

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