slaying dragons and then slipping into a radox bubble bath.

so that was tuesday, huh?

did yours go well?

Ours was delicious.


it started out very early, while an inky darkness in downtown manhattan pervaded the skies (which called for early-morning-twinkle-lights and blinds-remaining-closed) and we sunk into the dark embrace of caffeine and caught up on our correspondence.

Thank you letters signed and sealed (and blue-violet ink stamped) and Other Letters and official Business all ready in a pile for the post office.


A morning of consulting and special advice and Thoughtful interjections And half-smile-with-encouraging-nod and a Lot more besides. Especially when following along with the Presentation and noting the pace of the conversation and adding a moment of Colo(u)r and charm; when required.

Most enjoyable.

Especially with the meeting after the meeting over Toast (seven grain; never quite worked out what all 7 might be. Sort of stuck at wheat, rye…..nope…..give up) and coffee from a silver pot under a most Elegant light fitting behind or aloft from a velvet drape.

En route to our next appointment we spotted the English shop called myers of keswick (the W is silent) and stocked up on British goods.


Why yes, that is Radox!

Flashback to the 80s here, darlings.

No. We are never without a powder pink bathing cap. We have our limits. And we generally don’t allow someone with a deep bass voice to do commentary on our day either (although sometimes we Do imagine a clipped John Gielgud knocking sharply on the door and saying “your tea is ready on a tray, madam”.)

no idea where we got that idea from….


While we’re on the subject of the British (radox is a Terribly British product with its middle ages convent grown style herbal salt-ness and no messing around with vanilla-y-bubbles a la the deep fragrant southern belles of america magnolia essence and the Like) we received a plaintive return Post from the Royal Mail (not one of the Princes).

Is there anything more Poignant than the phrase:

Addresse gone away.

Almost heartbreaking in its Finality.

So different in the united states:


gone away.


Luckily we know the person is a Company Director and so we just looked on the Most helpful interweb and sent it back with Fresh stamps and a dark blue navy Airmail (Par Avion as we used to write in a dramatic flourish at boarding school). Actually:

Par Avion SVP

Which is not a standing in Corporate America but a please and thank you politesse throwback to the days when everyone assumed everyone else spoke french when being nice.

Oh look! There’s a helpful guide on the Royal Mail (not princes) website.

Quelle interesting.

Look at this –

How do I mark my letter?

Blue Airmail labels are free and widely available. Or, you can write “Par Avion – By Airmail” clearly in the top left hand corner of your envelope. You don’t need to do this on Airmail letters posted from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

(good to know – they must go Par Train)

How heavy can my Airmail be?

2kg is the maximum weight for Airmail items except for books and pamphlets sent via our Airmail Printed Papers service where the maximum weight is 5kg (with the exception of a 2kg weight restriction to Canada and Cambodia. Books only up to 5kg may be sent to Republic of Ireland).

(curious about Pamphlets……do people still write pamphlets with the widely available social media-ness? Lovely).

Makes us think of Basildon Bond.

Remember the thin tissue like pale boys’ school shirt and national health glasses blue sheets and the envelopes with the slightly contrasting lining?

Almost makes one want to take a stack of writing paper and a fresh ink pen and sit in a cafe and write a love letter with judicious quoting from Mr. Keats and the odd tear splashing onto the page and pausing by the frothy coffee cup. 


In our session with our soon-to-be-former (because we’re Moving and won’t be doing it via Skype like other people we know) Confessor (what other people call a Therapist) this evening we talked about writing and tears (we left out the frothy coffee imagery we attempt to stay On Point and not in a balletic sense, although we almost reached Pointe Stage many moons ago)and Slaying Dragons of the soul and where-we-are-now with Those Issues and it all feels Rather HopeFULL to be honest.

And then we went to hang out with some friends and admire the pithy epigrams in the fortune cookies.

“so you’re seriously going to leave?”

(actual dialogue, not a fortune cookie there)

…… if it is not just impossible to Go Away from NYC but almost unthinkable which we do enjoy, especially when said by Deeply attractive people Of either or one of several non gender conformist approaches to Life in black leather jackets and Mr. Owens’ elegant ensemble imported from Italia type garments and accessories.

so we bid our farewells (for the night, not quite yet to nyc) and came home to slip into a Radox bath. All dragons of the mind slayed for today.

And it’s only Tuesday.


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