There was an Awfully excited Flurry on instagram today for 12-12-12.


In fact over 113,000 pictures were posted using the hashtag (how modern as William would say) #121212 or did it have dashes in it……there were Many variations because, of course, nobody tells us what to do on the interweb (and long may it reign over us in delicious open standards and engineering new and Vibrant ideas and Memes)

Actually we have no idea how many pictures were published to celebrate (or shiver at the looming predictions from ancient cultures portending. ……..what…….who knows?) because when You click on This Link it will most probably be More than it was before (bit of Mr. Seuss there; how delicious).

Now did you look closely and see the pink handwriting?


Under the date?


We just discovered the ability to Write on Pictures on our new fablet/ph-ablet/integrated-smart-phone-and-minaturised-computer-with-handwriting-recognition*-and-stylus-Device.


So. Much. Fun.

Now we found ourselves in Brooklyn today (williamsburg, actually) and will post pictures tomorrow when we send post-tinted shots of the lovely M.

One for now…..


They have sky in bklyn.

No skyscrapers, you see.

The sky is caressed by hipsters looking fondly towards instead.

Now we probably need to clarify that we didn’t just Find ourselves there in a teleported sense. We took the subway (needs must). But the whole 121212 thing made us feel Rather Futuristic. So we Might have been teleported. Considering we are a virtual character (with a book deal).

*btw (as the young people write – and we did read youth popular culture magazines this morning)



Now we have forgotten what we were going to tell you.

Oh yes!

The other thing we discovered on our new fablet/ph-ablet/integrated-smart-phone-and-minaturised-computer-with-handwriting-recognition-and-stylus-Device.

Is that it Also has voice recognition. 

Isn’t that Amazingly Useful?

We heard the Other Available Devices also have something that attempts to recognize one’s accent (if one has one) and is also related to Mr. Cruise (is that correct?)

But we adore ours.

We call it Ralph.

As in:

Darling Ralph – is there a hipster oysters and free range coffee brewed by men with heavy beards and tousled hair maidens in bateau tops?

And lo – we found ourselves at just such a place.


So good to stock up on beeswax candles and rough hewn cinnamon sticks and artisan wares and enjoy a healthy frittata with mustard greens.

Especially if the end of civilisation is nigh.

Of course the Big reason is that those living now will never see a Date of such repetition and symmetry as 121212 (there being no 13 or 14 or so on months……..such a pity) in their Lifetime (which is not the television station in the usa but the Span of Life).


But we will.

Because what appears on the interweb will stay on the interweb.

And when who we are in Real Life expires (prettily and hopefully with several bestsellers, handful of hit movies that did well financially but also a stunning success in late night rotation at the arclight, the IFC and the Everyman in Hampstead and a tax-enriched archive of material to a major university so our niece is set up for a life of delightful creativity and riches)…..well, we shall just have to start talking to someone else……**

**too spooky a direction to be going in? Do let us know darlings……we rely on you.

How was your 121212?

Suitably mystical?

do say something - do :-)

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