the adventures that change us when the past no longer binds us #fitzgeraldfamilychristmas


have you seen Clever Mr. Burns’ new movie? 

we saw The Fitzgerald’s Family Christmas at the Village East (east village) cinema at noon today and there was a lot of sniffling during the very sad bits and lovely Clapping (very rare in NYC – mostly heard in L.A after movies end and everyone stays in the cinema to watch the credits because, well, they like to see their name).

it got us thinking about what adventures can unfold when one is no longer bound by the Past (or family pain).

well worth seeing.

before we move on to talk about our theme of adventure and change we have to say how glorious it was to see Malachy do a lovely cameo in the movie (quick story – you saw this coming, right? we wrote to Malachy many years ago after we read one of his books and he came to Los Angeles, where we were then living, and we had tea and smelled the roses and it was lovely and we kept in touch and have had eggs and bacon of a morning in NYC too).

oh! and (in the movie – we don’t know Him in RL) Mr. Burns is gorgeous. and the flirting that goes on with that fabulous red-head Connie is something out of a 1930s movie. delicious.


we’ve just returned from a Very Glamorous tea (but we forgot to ask permission if we could Speak about it so we’ll keep their Identify close, for now, but the themes of Adventure and Change are on our mind so you know they were Deeply Interesting as a tea-time and tapioca wild rice cake-as-snacks companion).


there are So Many exciting places to go, people to meet and change is around the corner.

not just Los Angeles (hurrah!) but also work (and Friends, good, lovely, splendid Friends,  that will bring-us-back to New York a great deal (double-hurrah as the Mitford Sisters might well have said in the cupboard under the stairs for the Hons.)13ac06ae424711e295e122000a9e2965_7a3f90c00425311e2892d22000a1fb72b_7

at our Tea this late afternoon today, in something of a Winter Wonderland we talked about adventures and change and how sometimes change is just forced upon one (by the economy or the passing of years and fashions and necessity and sometimes boredom or Fear – that’s a big one – fear of the future, yes, but also fear of staying Stuck).

and then there’s Fear of the Complete unknown (you know, the 2AM fears, darlings).

or the known and not-beloved-anymore (that’s a very sad fear to have – generally a boringly agonizing sunday afternoon in mid-winter sort of a fear).

and the Fear of what-might-happen-if-nothing-happens-in-the-right-time-frame (this often comes in spring or before meeting one’s accountant).

but that’s where adventure comes in. or rather Soars in. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and when one is walking through a new door.

a door that one hasn’t tried before.

or it looked scary.

and somehow not the door that had our name on it.

perhaps until only yesterday.

and then we saw the door (yes, this is a metaphor but oftentimes there is actually a door, a real one, if you get our drift and sometimes we know we don’t…..) and decided Yes, bloody Walk Through It Dear.

even if it’s raining on the flagstones the other side. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

or everyone else is rushing home to families and christmas trees and for another year you’re not doing either and feeling perhaps a Tiny Bit Sad (especially when one of Mr. Sinatra’s early hits is playing on the radio.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but there’s where movies come in (especially on a Very Cold and rainy sunday afternoon). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and taking photographs of Landmarks and places that one only read about in books before coming Here, on this leg of the adventure (why do adventures have Legs? do you know?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

or looking up to the tops of buildings and making up stories in one’s head about the Lives of Others up there (do you do that? we adore it. it’s especially fun when one is with someone else and you start the idea off and they continue and you build up a Whole backstory for these people – and then sometimes you meet them – maybe not the people who lived in That particular flat but – spookily – people with almost exactly the same story Arc that you came up with that day…..has that ever happened to you?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

when it’s twilight over manhattan and the air is slightly misty with woodsmoke and you’re thinking about your own Arc of a story (and the leg of the adventurous journey) and you realize that life is all a perception (we Are getting rather deep this evening as the winter Solstice approaches).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and one can alter one’s Perception (and way of seeing things or Tinting the Frame as we have here) any way one desires.

which is just to say that adventures are what we make them to be.

but it is Very Important to be ready when the door presents itself.

and if it’s locked?


it might not be the right door.

or you could just blast off the lock.

we’ve done that before (metaphorically and not, actually).


we Adore an adventure.

don’t you?

and we particularly enjoy having tea with glamorous people who have had Lots of Adventures (in both very beautiful and sometimes quite mystical places).

especially when they are Ever so gracious about our adventures and curious and excited for us.

that’s especially delicious.

back to the movie.

there’s a door that opens in the Fitzgeralds house.

and one by one the right people walk in.

it had us in tears.

in a really good way.

pick your doors and adventures carefully, darlings.

but if it turns out to be the wrong door – run like hell and find the next one.

there’s Always another door we’ve found.

isn’t that divine?

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