winter crept in overnight.


overnight the city became wonderfully dark and intense and gloomy and Rather splendidly morose.

but also picturesque (this is Manhattan, after all)….


and Very Cinematic (or maybe it was just how we saw it and tinted it after shooting it and feeling the Mood come over us – you know how it is ;-)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we made our way uptown – feeling very Cinematographer-like – pausing in traffic to Get The Shot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

until we got as far as 28th street (and Park Avenue) and stopped for breakfast (Brasserie Les Halles – delicious, thank you for asking.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and the the subway as far as 77th where we turned around and walked back down to the Frick where we met Lady-of-Letters for a slow meandering and conversational saunter around the Holbeins and Fragonards (deep sigh) and general gorgeousness of the collection (no pictures allowed – so postcards were bought and memories filed in the head for the future). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


the rain dripped down onto the statues in central park….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we managed to snap the Angel in the courtyard at the Frick (before we got Told Off by a security guard so we slipped into a Very British Accent:

gosh! so terribly sorry…..

and she shrugged (a tiny bit impressed, we think, at our modulated vowels) and walked away with a threatening glare (we looked suitably downcast and contrite, it felt Only Right).


we admired a chandelier and then came home for a Nap.

the winter has crept it but it shall not defeat us.

oh. no.

6 thoughts on “winter crept in overnight.

  1. When I lived in NYC the Frick was one of my special places that I kept for such emergencies as a case of the Mean Reds! Holly can keep her Tiffany’s, I was quiet looking at the Sargents.

    1. They are magnificent and so gloriously over life sized and impressive. Our mean reds in the past (almost) 7 years have been blown to the winds by the wrightsmans’ rooms of baroque and carefully overblown splendo(u)r at the Met. #weadoreachandelier


      1. *waving back and my is my arm going to get tired when I have to wave all the way to LA*
        Yes, I love the Wrightsman rooms too–I used to imagine crawling in that big ol’ bed with the amazing red coverlet to take a nap.

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