what did You want to become, darlings?

when you were small (playground size and we don’t mean those dodgy clubs south of the river where the cabs don’t go)……what did you want to be?


we used to pour over Magazines (we still do) and dream of becoming Noel Coward and (note Not Or but And) Cecil Beaton and Nancy Mitford.

plus ca change then darlings….

but You?

what/who/inWhatForm did you want to become as a “grown-up”?

we never really became disillusioned with our dreams because we sort of don’t listen to dull people (Noel, Cecil and Nancy taught us well). viewer-2 viewer-3 Yes, there are moments when we think: “oh dear god(s), how are we going to make a living Next?!”

but then we remember we’ve done this So many times and had So many Adventures – real ones – in Foreign far-off Lands or just dreamed of in the back of a pub in Camden Town or while a teenager and walking despairingly across the cliffs of southern england with nothing in our pockets but a crumpled pound note (pre coins, love) and then suddenly (or, you know, a decade later) there we are – in Milan – about to get up on stage to talk in front of a room of GORGEOUS people after a famous fashion designer (ok, Donatella, there, we Said it) and thought, “Yes! this is Exactly how we imagined it”.

plus who could get worried about the Future when there are twinkle lights and a portrait of Jean done by Bailey to enjoy chez teamgloria.

as we said to a good friend the other day – the point is to Dream.

and then we made them smile, slowly, when we said:

we never wanted to be Moneypenny
we wanted to be James.
and now we’re heading towards being M (Judi, not the new chap – oops – did we just ruin Skyfall for you?)

so, darlings.

what did you want to become when you grew up?

and are you there yet?

it’s good isn’t it?


and all that jazz.

(we saw you at the back on the Other coast with that hand action – very good – actually remarkably sprightly if we do say so – Bob – can we call him Bob? he would have loved that move. well, Bob invented that move. right?)


10 thoughts on “what did You want to become, darlings?

  1. You’re one of my favorite people – a real inspiration. Was feeling a little dreary and needed some gloria energy so came here. Yes, we must fight to keep the dream alive under all circumstances. Dream until your dreams come true. xo

    1. dearest moonshine

      was feeling a bit cross over here just now and YOUR comment cheered us up no end!


      not all crAzY on the same day. that’s the ticket.

      waving from downtown.

      _tg xx

  2. Oh those clubs! Mm, yes, well it was all an awfully long time ago. I prefer being grown up, and am still moulding my dreams and ambitions. Thank heavens they are never all settled and formed. X

  3. Ah, I do believe that is Mr. Fosse to most of us, TG. Although perhaps he would not have cared.
    Yes, I loved this post and am rooting (hiphip) for your next big jump West! Oddly, when I was really little I didn’t really dream of being anything in particular when I grew up. Then I started singing and in high school I decided I wanted to become an actor. And I did. Then I fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to France where I became a travel writer as a partner to the photographing Frenchman. Then the economy busted out and so I started a blog. That is where I am now. It seems to be taking longer than usual to find that next something solid but I am enjoying the process. Sounds like you are too.
    I have a feeling that the power of the Shrimp will get you wherever you need to go.

    1. PS. When my Sister and I first moved to NYC to act–she Broadway bound (and made it), me Shakespearian oriented–we had a Beta tape player with only one movie to watch on it: “All that Jazz”…

    2. Delighted at the Power of the Shrimp illusion/allusion! May the spirit of 1960something be with you as we all reinvent ourselves and end up meeting at claridges in 2013 or shortly thereafter at one of our launches for something delicious.

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