a northern pale winter light, a first edition of vita sackville west, 1940 and Mr. Everett.

It’s still early (7 ish) but we set the alarm for much, much earlier and could not, it seems be as sprightly as someone from lower III,  eager to greet the day, all prep done and with the fountain pen created ridge on the third finger still gratifyingly smudged with India ink and one’s sports kit all washed and redolent of lenor from the local commercial laundry. 


In fact we felt quite truculent and Rather weary in a not at all depressed way but sort of wanting to stay and Read All Day instead.

A bit like the young Mr.Everett in Another Country, in fact.


Have you seen it?

If you have a thing for cloisters and cricket whites and Marx and the poetry of repression and longing……..well……you will adore it.

So – cultural reference aside – we did get up, make coffee and admire the thin delicate almost Danish light in Manhattan today.



And the dark embrace of caffeine kicked in.

We turned to today’s task on instagram for the #Decemberchallenge.

Today it was “red”.


So thank you to gym c for the now blooming amaryllis!

Which turned our thoughts to gardening (we don’t have one, but one day we might).

And gardening of course brings us to Vita.



After a few sips of new Orleans chicory infused coffee and a page or two of Vita (why yes, that Is a First Edition from 1940, clever you for knowing that), we simply Must get ready.

But the Mr. Everett reference is not altogether lost, for we are taking a portrait this morning before heading to more Consultancy-style-special-Advisor tasks and the inspiration might well come in handy……

More later, darlings.

Stay warm out there if you’re from the Northern Hemisphere. 

Which, judging from our “stats” (How Modern!)) many of you are not!

Bom dia, Brazil. In fact.

And howdy down under possums. 

Nihao Hong Kong (which might be our friends in CHINA re-routed via off shore servers, of course with a geo IP lookup to denote device type for optimum UX)*

*this is the sort of dialogue we get to use in RL. #smart huh? Yeah. We keep a straight(ish) face ;)

2 thoughts on “a northern pale winter light, a first edition of vita sackville west, 1940 and Mr. Everett.

  1. … wanting to stay in bed all day and read. Yes… If only…

    And more caffeine. That, too.

    The view from your window makes me misty-eyed, for many reasons. (Somehow I cannot imagine your fingers on the keyboard or your pen moving across the page in that Other Far Off Place.)

    1. ah, dearest D – just wait…….it wil be a different experience – but just as delicious.

      more caffeine. yes. and a cafe in paris and a long afternoon – perhaps a triple bill – at the cinematheque?

      _tg xx

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