a quiet moment of reflection in the library at the st regis

It must have been the afternoon nap – such a pleasant thing to do – drifting off after a delicious lunch and something Very Interesting on Radio 4……….and then we drowsed into slumber, pulling the soft gray/grey/DiorShade closer until……it was time to rouse oneself and head to the swimming pool and then supper uptown with nMP.

But now we are Wide Awake. 

So we took the long way home; walking a little with nMP who gave us some cherubs for Christmas #divine


And he slipped into the subway but we needed to walk ourselves into quiet reverie again…..

and So took in the clever creative splendo(u)r of fifth avenue.



We must say that Bergdorfs outdid themselves this year!

Oh! Fifth Avenue was all sparkles and festiveness and Joy to the World and friendly and foreign (not a native new yorker heard until we stepped into the hotel)


We always seem to end up popping into the St Regis for a deep sigh and a chandelier and a sense of elegant decorum and a silver pot of hot chocolate and a moment by the christmas tree and the gently flickering fire…..



This is our last New York Christmas.

And it is perfectly beautiful already.

Happy December 1st darlings. 


And a moment of quiet reflection for those we have lost.

2 thoughts on “a quiet moment of reflection in the library at the st regis

  1. There are few places more magical at Christmastime than New York…enjoy every minute, for next year brings NEW ADVENTURE!

    And for those we lost, Every December Sky….

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