a new lens on an old viewfinder and rainbow lights in nightfall manhattan


we had the most Extraordinary experience last night.

In a hotel in midtown, we sat and talked with someone we have not seen for (we blush to admit how long) a while.

It was deeply moving.


As well as light and smiling and catching up on what-happened-then and Pictures and filling in the gaps and overriding old ideas and illuminating darker passages of time and celebrating Life and some lovely stories shared of International Travel and making a home and houses by Lakes and trips Abroad that change the course of one’s Life.

We slipped out into the night and caught a cab and they went to catch a plane.

But something made us stop the car by Washington Square and walk instead for a while and process the new lens on an old metaphorical Viewfinder we had been using for certain portions of our Past; on which someone else had helped to shift our perception.

And then we looked up to wave at a friend’s window as we passed by their street and there it was – a rainbow of lights in the Manhattan inky black sky overhead.


A young man. Probably a freshly arrived philosophy student at NYU judging from his slight la barbe and Cuba esque navy cap. Was standing in the street as we looked up at the illuminations.


We said, pausing.

You see it too?

And he turned his sweet Camus and De Beauvoir enriched psyche away from the lights to face us and smiled.


Relieved, we said,

oh, good, because one never quite knows…….

And he nodded seriously, a budding philosopher indeed.

But we had already slipped away into greenwich village, guided by the rainbow lights in the night sky, and a whole new perspective on the Past.


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