good morning from the hamptons!


It is Lovely here.

Slept a long dreamless deep sleep lulled by the enveloping silence and salt kissed air.


Under stripey luscious beachy soft linens. 

And awoke to find ourselves in a wooded grove with the early morning sun starting to dance between the tall branches.


Time to find the coffee and wait for the house to wake up.


very happy to be here.

Thank you, dear ones for inviting us :)


Just realized why this all feels reminiscent of a movie (come in, you knew That was coming…..this is teamgloria, love).


Diane Keaton’s place. right?

This just in!

It could be Yours for august 2013: imagine……..

4 thoughts on “good morning from the hamptons!

  1. Something’s Gotta Give? Seriously?

    (Then again, I may be mixing up my movies. It wouldn’t be the first time…)

    Stripey. The word alone makes me smile. And think, among other things, of French fishermen, Brigitte Bardot, blue and white shirts with capri pants and kitten heels…

    Not exactly the Hamptons, then again…

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