falling asleep on the train back to new york





We fell asleep on the train.

It left the hamptons as the chill winds blew in (apparently manhattan had Snow!)and the sunset glowed over the bare wonder branches.

The 4.18 was on time so we sipped our milky coffee for a few moments in the old fashioned tobacco shade walled waiting room.


and then climbed into the train (top deck) and promptly fell asleep, dreaming of waking up near the ocean and Christmas trees at the the 1950s re-inaction of The Holidays at the museum…..


A divine bookshop since 1971 on the tiny main street.


and adorable floral tattoos on one of our Hosts. 


We have Such interesting friends (and hopefully, with Picture Approval sometime during Sunday, we can show you other moments from our day, darlings.

For now, we are Changing Trains at Jamaica (long island) and awaiting the18.22 to Penn Station and anticipated another falling into quiet brief slumber on a train.

do say something - do :-)

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