a night in the country.


We are In The Country!


It’s super quiet and very beautiful.

There’s a roaring fire…..


and the delicious supper was delicately inspired by the glorious barefoot contessa herself and re-configured with a soupcon of elegant joie de vivre (no, my loves, we cannot show you our Hosts as yet – we need morning light, the grown up camera and Picture Approval before we do)……

But we did get a nod of acceptance from the Lady in the house……Miss.Daisy.


Who looks extra lovely by candlelight.


We do adore a candleabra.

And tea on a tray after our Train (thrilling and romantic a way to travel).


A bubbly-bath and an armful of coffee table books and a glass of water and an Ironwork bed with striped comforter and Lots of kind linen pillowcases. 


And marvel(l)ing at the Quiet outside in The inky black night softly lit by a waxing moon.


we needed this.

Thank you.

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