Well done, Mr. Day Lewis.

we had a lovely thursday.

did you?


Some photographs in the clement outdoors (and an artistic exchange with the gifted graphic artist only known as a strange and wondrous pseudonym online, to us, thus far.)



Yes, you.

Slumped on the couch with a glassy air and a slight over-extended feeling?


Large thanksgiving with lots-of-turkey?


But a nice feeling of gratitude and friendsfamilyOrOrphans atTheTable?

We did that a couple of years.

But it felt strange as we had no cultural connection or childhood reveries of eating at the small table or the cranberry sauce one’s aged female guardian traditionally bought from a gracious catering outfit staffed by resting actors on the upper east side.

So we smile indulgent and hope that our American friends had a delicious time.

While we pretended to have a Thursday and not get too confused that the streets were emptied by 3pm as we made our way home from the swimming pool.


And then we curled up with a bowl of homemade soup and read a Great Deal of dear george’s Book.


Why yes, Clever You.

That Is an inscribed copy from The Author.

We adore an author’s personal note.

Especially when written to not only who we are in Real Life, but also to us here (which is more real to life than RL of course) but also to “Celia”.

Who is Celia?

We recommend you purchase a copy of Into Deeper Water to find out, darlings.

She doesn’t appear until about 100 pages in.

But she plays a Crucial Cameo.

And has Ever such a nice English accent.

Which is more than we can say for Mr. Day Lewis(whom we saw this evening in quite a lengthy opus – take snacks and hydration) in a tall top hat and a distinctive coat and an American accent.

We did prefer him in Other Films, to be perfectly honest.

But our friend NMP asked us to see this historical epic as it was thanksgiving, in America, today. And Mr. Day Lewis (in character) did reach some Very important Achievements (eventually)


For which we are indeed grateful.

6 thoughts on “Well done, Mr. Day Lewis.

  1. I had a lovely Thanksgiving. It was my first full day off in a month, and I did absolutely zero (pronounced sero, with breath) and ate store bought pumpkin pie for breakfast. It was entirely too sweet. But having nowhere to be, no feast to prepare- that was sweeter.

    Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving as well.
    I need to get on the George Snyder train!

    1. dearest michael

      We love the idea of you having a Good Rest and eating Very Sweet Pie for breakfast.

      something very novella-like in that image :-)

      hope you slept beautifully.

      waving from manhattan.

      _teamgloria. x

      1. i so wish i could have convinced you of spending the ‘American’ holiday with us….it was not overwhelming this year as years past for reasons you are aware. i had much to be thankful for…seeing my mom chatty and eating – was the best holiday gift ever. but, we did share one experiece – we saw visit Mr. Day Lewis – marveling at the costmes and make up and the bit uncomforable piece of Amerian history. i have now completely lost my voice – continuing to work on the CR project which i am determine to finalize by early week so i can enjoy delhi – so wish you and Gloria were joing me…. happy ‘sunny’ friday! xx j

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