view from a train window



we are en route to the country to spend time with friends who have-a-house-in-the-hamptons-South(always a delicious prospect and eagerly anticipated)

We hesitated over details with the generous invitation…..

We can drive together from the City.


It’ll be no trouble.

Frowning (prettily):

the Train sounds good.



Oh. You’re going to do a whole teamgloria-trip aren’t you? That’s why you want to take the Train?


We love it when our friends Understand.

So we packed the elegantly battered brown leather weekend bag (as seen in those Rat Pack esque movies with Mr.Pitt and Mr.Clooney); camera, sunglasses, pashmina and noel coward blue-blue robe.


Gave a little pat to the Plant that Gym C brought over today as a gift (he’s in town from the Other Coast and we had a delicious coffee,  chat and a walk around the neighbo(u)rhood.)

And got a cab to Penn Station.

Initially we were a Tiny bit disappointed by the Other passengers.

But when we changed at Jamaica (long island), some other brown leather bags, a lot like ours, got on and we nestled into the slightly off season at the Pier green seats (on the top deck – quelle delicious – a Japanese style two deck Train!) and opened up our picnic snack, mineral water and improving magazines from Europe.

The owners of the other Mr.Pitt and Mr.Clooney weekend bags are similarly engaged in reading New York Magazine or mind expanding Indian spiritual literature (in translation) alternating with what looks like a Game on a backlit digital device, perhaps as a light relief to the Eastern Philosophy.

We Are looking forward to our arrival at the Other end where our hosts will meet our train; almost as if we are a Nancy Mitford type, recently returned to Norfolk with gossip from The Continent.

Quelle fabulous.

A night in the Country.

Photographs post breakfast.

And a puppy called Daisy.


6 thoughts on “view from a train window

  1. Glorious Glorias, indeed, we had a delicious coffee, chat and a walk around the neighbo(u)rhood. what a wonderful magical highlight of mon voyage a la grand pomme !!! much love and adoration as always xo Gym

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