a little light reading, a chandelier and a movie by night #silverliningsplaybook

darlings a Packed friday-teatime-to-evening-into-saturday-day-into-night pictures with commentary as we recall the events…. a brainstorming (and TErribly Elegant) tea with some Very Glam people. why yes, there was a scone to hand and we also ordered a plate of Cucumber Sandwiches (because one always needs an Oscar Wilde reference at High Tea). on Friday morning we went to a very anonymous hotel which just happened to have a glorious CHANDELIER. and, as you know, #weadoreachandelier, darlings we didn’t stay long at the hotel (it was an event but something else Called Us Away) and after we did what we needed to do, we popped into the New School because they were having a conference on Danish Design (which is the sort of thing they do a Lot we hear at the New School). as one might expect, there was some very chic and spare and elegant people in black. many of them Danish. bit of a Danish theme this week, it seems. curious. then we took to our boudoir to catch up on some more research – one must stay abreast of current goings-on in the world of elegant executives. because we know so many of them…. always lovely to catch up with Jean Muir (we didn’t say that all the elegant executives we love are still on this side of the veil. but many of them are). this is a Jane Bown shot from The Observer – we just received a lovely parcel containing one of her books. we poured over the introduction to gain insight and inspiration because one can learn a Lot from the Lives of others. then we read Acne from cover-to-cover. as would really ought to if one lives in Manhattan (or Berlin or Stockholm or in the most central regions of Chelsea, London or NYC, Chelsea we must clarify).   we admired interviews with people-we-admire (and are a tiny bit scared of, more in awe, perhaps) like Fran.   and simon. then we paused to admire the sunlight dappling on the terrace outside (the landlords call it a fire escape, apparently). finally it was time to rise from our reveries and get ready with the usual saturday-night-manhattan-accessories…..and emerge into the late twilight for supper-and-a-movie. what did we see? oh. it was superb! we said to our companion that the snappy dialogue and general wacky-sexy-strange mannerisms of slightly unhinged but adorable people reminded us of Nick and Nora Charles.  but our companion said it reminded him of Quite a Different Movie.  we think he might well be right….. and now it’s sunday. how delicious. what are your plans today? do. tell.

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