booking flights. feeling scared. starting to plan.

as we sat with our cup of coffee this morning (before asking it to model, briefly, so we could absorb and reflect on the Very Nice winter light), we gathered up our strength and started to Make A Plan.

well, Of Sorts.

we counted back the days – how long to leave it before Finding an apartment (on the Other Coast)?

and then there’s the Holidays to factor in.

so we procrastinated (a lot) and went to a hotel to read magazines and write and drink tea and eat fruit and make notes about the Meetings Later Today (where we’re sort of expected to act grown-up and Knowledgeable but at least one of our meetings contains people who-know-about-teamgloria so there’ll be secret smiles which is Always delicious.

magazines-tea-fruit-writing: All of our favo(u)rite activities rolled into one. When Procrastinating.

we called this picture “homework”, for our friends on the interweb-of-pictures, and it is, of sorts. did we ever tell you about writing (yes, handwritten, young people) Letters to all the Glorious Executives in The Hollywood Reporter’s Lists? well. we’d just arrived in Los Angeles (this was back in 2001) and only knew one person (he was a Hollywood agent so it was a Rather good Start, tis true) so we thought we’d like to have Tea with people of influence-and-glamorous-offices.

and. we. did.


we met several of them.


it was fun, you’re right.

a story for another time (because we promised to be discreet).

or at least heavily submerged (beautifully) under the obscura-fiction-lens in a screenplay or two, perhaps.

so back to the plan.

we booked our tickets to Los Angeles (we’re calling this Trip 1 – Trip 1.1 is the Moving Trip and it might be done on a train rather than a plane – we’ll let you know). we’ll fly out for christmas eve and then LOOK FOR APARTMENTS (eek) on the thursday/friday before coming back to NYC because we’ve realized we’ve lived here for 6 years now and never seen Patti Smith at The Bowery Ballroom. It must be done.

and then…….


how does one Wind Down a Life on one coast and start again on the Other?

it’s been done. we know.

but there’s ending leases, getting deposits and new leases and paying deposits, moving furniture, cancel(l)ing utilities, setting up utilities, unpacking vintage books, working out where to hang framed photographs, finding a new place to swim, telling the place where we swim we no longer can swim there, packing moleskines and scrapbooks and clothes and giving away stuff we don’t need and others might-like, buying a car (eek!), buying the last metrocard for the new york subway, finding consultancy, doing the final edit on the BOOK, getting published, talking about the book, doing a book tour of-sorts, writing the next book, taking more photographs, seeing the accountant, settling roll-overs with the financial advisor for 401K and insurance, getting mail re-directed, finding a new place to sit and drink coffee in the morning, creating a nice Home Office, maybe finding a space to work-with-others, writing for the Hollywood studios about movies-that-other-people-have-made, dreaming of making our own movies, finding out the nearest grocery store that sells the things we like, falling in love, making better choices about Everything.

oh. god(s).

a lot to do.

thank goodness we have Jonathan for the East-Coast-Bit.

because it’s going to be Very Hard to leave all this.

and hopefully (hint) he’ll set up an office on The Other Coast so we can feel not so cRaZY at doing this stuff ourselves (because it’s Really not our best skill-set, darlings – we have Other Skills as someone very kind once said to us).

so there you have it.

there’s a lot to do.

but this is waiting at the Other Side.

and a very differently-shaped-life (hopefully one that includes something of a Melrose place powder pink apartment building with a blue-blue-pool).


you’re right.

what a difference a year makes.



8 thoughts on “booking flights. feeling scared. starting to plan.

  1. My older sis attended the Amercian Academy of Dramatic Arts and lived in NYC in the 80s decade, before leaving on a train. Ironically, her address now is on “Park Avenue” in a small, eastern NC town, and I’m pretty sure she misses NYC daily. Just yesterday, I sent her a YouTube clip of the trailer for the original movie, “Fame,” so she could see the first user comment beneath the clip, which reads: “there was no place on earth like 80’s New York.” She replied with,”it was another planet, all new and foreign and delicious.” I’m wishing you that same kind of new and delicious experience on the West Coast. And, when you’re “out there on your own,” remember Irene Cara’s beautiful voice, keep reaching for the stars, keep dreaming, knowing that you have a team (gloria) of dreamers behind you and believing that the CA sun can “make light of all your fears.” Here’s the clip:

    1. dearest Jenna

      welcome to the magical mystery planet that is teamgloria.

      you are most welcome.

      be reclined on the chaise and someone shall bring us tea and a slim volume of Keats shortly.

      waving from the place with the baby pink princess phone.

      _teamgloria x

  2. My Father always used the phrase ‘There’s a lot to do’ on Christmas mornings, by way of making us teenagers get out of bed. Then there was always a terrible rush with all the prep crammed into a small amount of time. Now that we are older, we have moved the family Christmas dinner to later in the day, so now there is never a lot to do, and no one has to rush and we all enjoy ourselves a whole lot more.

    This doesn’t have anything to do with you moving really, or maybe it does. Your west coast life will hopefully be more like how we do Christmas now.

    And yes, what a difference a year makes.

    All will be good – you have lots of wonderful skill sets. xx

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