#eastcoastportraits martyn

isn’t our friend martyn divine-with-a-naughty-twinkle?

and Rather Soulful too….

did you notice that we linked his name to Another Site on the interweb?

that’s because we asked Permission (we always do – and we give Picture Approval which we finds makes people relax – especially when we ask them Naughty Questions and they start to crack up laughing).

you see when we first sent a (very modern) text message to ask martyn if we could take his picture for our #eastcoastportraits sessions we said:

can we tell them who you are in real life?

because we adore martyn’s photography and he creates these Gorgeous Books, one of which we owned Years Before we met him and when we realized that he had taken all those delicious photographs we had perused and dreamed over during Very Long Nights of yearning and good-for-the-soul deep thoughts we were Quite Shy for a short while.

and he said:

yes, darling

because martyn is both english – and grew up in the land down under where unfeasibly beautiful people live and thrive – and so the way he says the “arl” in darling is Extra special.

did you notice who did the introduction to martyn’s book?


Ilse Crawford.

a very quick side note about Ilse.

before we became teamgloria we lived in London and wrote a lot for newspapers and magazines (this was before the interweb mostly so we’re not linking to any of them As Yet – and also because some of them show our Extreme Youthful naivety.) Anyway, Ilse was the Founding Editor of the UK edition of Elle Decoration. One day we happened to be in her office and she said (from her great height – she is impressively tall, or at least appeared rather willowy and Head Girl like to us in those days):

“could you go and write about Shoreditch?”

and we gulped because in all those movies where the Understudy is asked: “Can you Ride?” they always say “YES!” or they don’t get to go on the Set and take over from Gloria Swanson or whomever has a cold that day and can’t appear in the Scene and then get spotted and become A Star.

So we said:


but we had No Idea where Shoreditch was because, in those days, Shoreditch was, if you get our drift, Totally Nowhere (now, of course, we hear it’s Terribly Hip, but then – shudder – nope).

anyway, it was a lovely piece and we got all excited when we saw it in the magazine.

that was a long digression.

Back. To. Martyn.

the other reason we love martyn is that he has one of those Lofts that we always imagined only existed in the early 80s in manhattan – you know – one of those Lofts that looks Really Perfect for rollerskating around with a glow stick around one’s neck and some probably neon-brights-spandex.

it is a bit nerve-wracking taking photos of a photographer but martyn was most kind and indulged us and didn’t look nervous that we didn’t check the light meter/metre/counterthingy Once (because we have a clever camera that does it for us you see) and we just kept talking and shooting and admiring the general glorious new-york-ness of his place…..with all the books and the paintings and the Art and the textiles…..

and the silk flowers and the lighting and the Huge windows and……Most Especially martyn’s shoe collection which is straight out of Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-Carnaby-Street-1979-love.

such a fabulous morning………

thank you, darling.

4 thoughts on “#eastcoastportraits martyn

  1. Thank you for your inspiring blog. I really enjoy reading here; perhaps because you have a complete different way of writing. Or because it seems to be a completely different world you live in.

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