deciding Not to start all over again.

we woke up at 2AM.

hasn’t happened for a while.

not since we stopped travel(l)ing for La Vie JetSet.

perhaps there was something about not wanting to be as devil-may-care about the move (back to Los Angeles if you’ve just joined us, darlings).

we are Tired of starting all over again – again – so we’re not going to.

we are going to Take all the Furniture (instead of doing some Grand Gesture of giving away one’s Possessions – yet again – and packing a few items to be sent via the Post Office).

maybe it was the prospect of almost fifteen years of scrapbooks (one needs a Legacy and the memory is not what it was so they always make for Curiously good Viewing – did we really go to INDIA, CHINA and Korea in such a short space of time? gosh) and nine years of journals/theraputicRelease/materialForMovies – we just couldn’t do it.

so they’ll all be coming with us (apart from the large framed pictures we already promised to certain people – they needed to stay in NYC anyway and they’ll have Such a good home there).

that feels better.

we don’t feel Great having only got a few hours sleep last night but the Furniture seems to be smiling this morning at the prospect of seeing Los Angeles (it has never been and often wondered what it might be like).


we almost forgot.

yesterday was splendid-with-consultancy-meetings and we had pockets of time to Walk everywhere (downtown to chelsea and back to almost the Tip of manhattan).


bien sur.

the day was Crisp and Very Cold (but excellent for walking with upbeat music in the ears).

after chelsea we walked almost to the tip of the island and had to pause for thought when seeing so many medical military personnel (in the city to head out to Long Island for the disaster site post-hurricane).

a quiet moment.

we thanked them for being there (it felt only right) and headed upstairs to our meeting (which was Splendid, thank you for the questioning look).

Presently, a blast of icy wind chilled our curiosity and blew us right into the Chapel. Anyone who looks on the religion of colonial times as gloomy would be astonished by the cheery interior of St. Paul’s. Sunlight was streaming through enormous windowpanes of clear glass; none of those Biblical scenes designed to inspire awe. The Waterford chandeliers, huge though they are, manage to seem dainty. The altar and pulpit are painted ivory, picked out with gold; the walls are pink, the ceiling sky blue. “A perfect color scheme for a young girl’s debut party!” said Helen.

Twice Over Lightly
Anita Loos and Helen Hayes
P. 25

yes! we looked around upon leaving the meeting and realized where we were – next to St. Paul’s chapel – which Anita Loos and Helen Hayes visited in 1972 for Twice Over Lightly (the book that we are re-enacting to say goodbye to manhattan).

it has not changed a bit (apart from the sadly necessary place of grieving for 911 memorial which now lines the walls)

as you know we Adore a chandelier. and there are some Truly Beautiful ones at St. Paul’s.

manhattan was in fine form yesterday – and looked a lot like it was doing a sly impression of Paris……

or Rome….

or 1972.

or Indonesia….

or mexico….

but but as we headed home, nose burrowed into a cashmere scarf, cloche hat firmly down over the ears, manhattan looked like manhattan again – and full of possibility.

7 thoughts on “deciding Not to start all over again.

  1. I have also downsized a few times. It’s hard. Very hard. And in some ways, freeing.

    (I do hope there will always be chandeliers, however… at least for your lens to capture and for sharing…)

  2. Oh I am relieved. Of course I like the idea of walking out the door and leaving it all behind, but I am a collector and I do like my things, and so I don’t think it’s always such a bad idea to bring some baggage. The good sort of baggage, like furniture that was ever so interested in seeing the west. Smile. XXX G

    1. dearest george – you have, in a way, inspired us, with your pied a terre so carefully catalogued….

      and new-interweb-friend-heather (waving to France!) – it feels good to find another kindred spirit – thank you for understanding :-)

  3. Just a firm nod of my head in agreement. Bravo. I do understand, having down-sized twice in the past three years. I can only imagine that your furniture must be quite excited about the prospect of being glamorous in LA. I know I would be and I don’t even much history beyong my 43 years. :)

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