recognition and empty streets and vintage fashion and movie memories


That’s a delicious surprise…….we woke up to the splendid news that granta magazine had become a teamgloria reader and several Staff members re-tweeted us – here’s one!



That’s the lovely thing about time zones. One can go to sleep and wake up with recognition from Abroad!

Today was full of blustery walks to meetings and appointments and taking time to adjust to the new season.





Now this fashionable stop was a welcome respite from the Rain.

In a tiny Bijou boite of a store on w10th (240 to be exact) we stopped dead outside the window of Madame Matovu because we saw a book by Carrie Donovan.

We entered.


We used to have Carrie Donovan’s office.

We said; not knowing if the Proprietor would know of whom we spoke.



rosemary wettenhall said.

She was amazing. We don’t have anyone that is Quite like her these day!

We were so excited to find another CD fashion devotee that we stayed a while and took a note of her excellent merchandise and will make a Plan to Return.

Gorgeous place.


Well. Wouldn’t you?

What’s that?

Oh. Yes. We did have CD’s office. We forgot we could not tell You Before.

The fashion editor’s office for The Bazaar became our office in 2006 when (who we are in real life) we moved in to “head up mobile for Hearst Magazines USA (But we shall Not Dwell on our Other Life here, darlings). We felt CD still lurked there, waiting for a memo from you know who.


So we put a picture of CD in a sparkly frame and had the distinct impression she was Very Pleased.

The rest of our day?

Rushed. But pleasurable.

And a swim.


Such a giggle that our gym has a chandelier!

Non? Precious. As DV would have said. (not that she would have known what a gym was….)

Before we go – look at what we saw en route en passant Greenwich village.




Did we ever tell You we used to keep Richard Bohringer in gauloises or was it gitanes on a movie set?

Yes. Monsieur Bohringer himself

Can you guess which movie?

Two clues: we wore Gaultier and Richard spoke (broken) English.

Do guess.

It’ll be fun.

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