#eastcoastportraits – barry, john, and sparky in the divine sunken living room somewhere in chelsea.


we had Such a delicious time doing Yet More #eastcoastportraits and almost Squealed when we saw The Sunken Living Room chez Barry and John (and Sparky) somewhere-in-chelsea (naturally).

of course we know Barry rather well, so we could have squealed (he would not have minded in the Least) but we’ve only met John on one occasion and like to give a Good Impression and young Sparky seemed a little wary of the new human/virtualCharacter in his midst so we Toned It Down.

but oh! it was delicious.

and reminded us a lot of Ms. Zellweger’s divine movie, Down With Love (a favo(u)rite chez teamgloria, as you might expect).

now the sunken living room – if you recall – in Down With Love – is Very 1962 – in decor and color/colour/shade scheme.

barry and john have a much more muted and Deeply soothing and Chic scheme – but do you see the Step-down? doesn’t it remind you of a movie set?

why yes, that Is sparky; clever you.

here’s another one – we captured him in a slightly thoughtful mode, a little later on in the session….

sparky looks like the kind of dog that reads Keats when no one is around – he has that wistful and slightly When-one-was-in-Italy sort of an air as if about to embark on a melancholic and yet lyrical tale.

but back to the Main reason for our visit.

Barry & John.

aren’t they wonderful?

he had to be persuaded away from his deep thought, but sparky joined us in the session and maintained a dignified air as you can see.

john is also good at the thoughtful repose.

barry is a picture of excellent charm and joie de vivre (which we adore, as you know)

and then the chaps indulged us when we said:

“Oh! do let’s do one of those shots that they always have in Elle Deco (the Italian version, of course) that has a caption (in Italian) saying……”

“Barry and John found their hand-dyed rug on a weekend in Tuscany and had it shipped back and it inspired their latest multi-million yet deeply meaningful and world-changing venture.”

and one last look at that lovely sunken living room…..


thank you dearest Barry, John – and sparky – for your kindness, hospitality, excellent coffee (in a cafetiere, no less, darlings) and brilliance.

we Adore doing these portraits.

now if only we could concentrate on enjoying them and not panicking about the future.

because as you might recall – – we Are heading to Los Angeles in (gulp) 2-and-a-half-months – and we don’t quite know where-to-live-yet (it’s all Rather Big and quite, we admit, a Quality Problem).

on the bright side: maybe’s there a sunken living room in our future there?

you never know…………

are you having a lovely monday darlings?

do. tell.

and do you know anyone with a sunken living room?

would they like us to visit and take Their Picture?

just curious……

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