snow melting in tribeca


we took a little trip to tribeca and picked carefully over the soaking wet pavements/sidewalks as the snow melted and looked up to the not-so-tall buildings (few skyscrapers here) to admire signs-from-the-industrial-past.

may we share a few of our B&W photographs with you?

too kind.

pause to look into camera and smile (sweetly).

*yes, we’re still obsessed by the BBC program(me) The Hour and imagining ourselves as a Roaming Reporter, heading to Lime Grove, London with our copy in our small shorthand notebook (tis not far from the truth actually – we once used to Dial in our Copy after late night events at the Royal Festival Hall on an actual payphone – yes, Young People – a payphone – and the Copy Ladies would wait obligingly while we teetered over using a different word for the Opening paragraph before the Copy Editors savaged it the next morning for the Late Edition – ah – heady days).

we digress (as usual.)


cue camera one.

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now we looked and looked and looked In Vain for some mention of Tribeca in Twice Over Lightly (if you’ve just joined us, we’re re-enacting salient chapters of the classic 1972 travel book about New York by Anita Loos and Helen Hayes).

sadly, it seems, they didn’t venture to this Triangle-below-Canal-Street at all.

but we did.

and it was very good for the (wintry) soul.

off to achieve now.

you know, in some moderate, understated and yet deeply useful way.


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