Let it snow.


and so Athena (the storm, not goddess from ancient Greece) is upon us in the land of the east(ern seaboard)and snow Has Fallen.


the rain preceded the wind and Snow followed.


thank the god(s) we started our day early with a strong cup of coffee and cooing over couture at BuyMyCloset.



followed by Being Helpful over brunch in midtown and generally frowning (prettily) over new Concepts until they were embedded in the frontal lobe cortex (behind the subtle cowlick from new hair do).


no. Darling. Not us. Suzy Parker. But sort of the general wave-cowlick-fun.


Do stay warm.


We have tea and cold milk and fresh European glossy paper dreaminess.

Strongly suggest you do something similar.

It’s wintry out there.

*well. Not for our friends Down Under who are prepping for a toasty beach existence. (with lashings of sun protection, possums.)

6 thoughts on “Let it snow.

  1. how glorious that you all came to visit and none of us got cold as we were all safely tucked up in our own toasty (we hope) houses!

    a cafe creme for D, Ovaltine for JW1 and a glass of something potent and reinventing for Michael.

    how lovely.

    thank you so much for stopping by, darlings.

    waving from soho.

    _tg x

  2. ‘Possums!’ Had a flash of Gloria in Dame Edna specs. FWIW you pulled off the look magnificently and far more glamorously than Edna herself. ;-)

    Greetings from snowy coastal CT, where one is snuggled up in front of the fire with jW2, a certain puppy of our mutual acquaintance, and copious quantities of tea.

  3. The first snow of the season is always a thing of beauty, isn’t it?
    Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. And your bed always looks so ridiculously comfy!
    I haven’t had much time in mine lately, working on this reinvention and all…
    You know Michael used to have a cowlick! It fell out.
    Stay warm and enjoy that wintry business from the window.

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