well-met by flashlight: 39 hours without Power in downtown manhattan.


what. just. happened?


we’re now at the algonquin hotel (Noel would be proud) – walked as far as here with a sea of new yorkers in black and boots on (no high heels – no subways, packed buses and a hour-wait-for-those, people crammed at bus stops talking and being Kinder than usual) – no traffic lights – cars stop and start and people run for their lives across 6th avenue – tons of cops (as the Americans call Policemen – and there are Lots of them downtown – it’s a very Strange Sight) we drooped by 44th street – and couldn’t go any further – no power south of 34th street since the HURRICANE which kicked out all lights and everything at 20:00 hundred hours on monday night – no electricity – no hot water – no internet – no cell service – everyone walking around with hats on (no hot water = no hair washed since monday at 8pm – many chaps with budding-beards – ladies in minimal mascara), Rather scary, the smell of food rotting from fridges and restaurants and delis is pretty bad – three delis are open near us and there’s lines around the block – cash only – like 1970s british breadlines – everyone kinda scared – no power predicted for another four days – we read by the window until the winter light fades – very 19th century – and then by candlelight – venturing out down the back stairs with a flashlight to see friends locally and gather to talk and share stories and information about what we know of damage and keep our spirits up – a very odd experience…….actually more frightening than we are probably going to admit….which is why having-a-blog-is-so-useful because there it IS – how One Felt about Whatever Happened that day.

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10 thoughts on “well-met by flashlight: 39 hours without Power in downtown manhattan.

  1. So glad you’re at the Algonquin, and thanks for sharing the slide show pics. The storm damage in NY and NJ is truly incredible, and I’m praying for all of you in the area. Have you heard about the situation in Hoboken? I’ve only been there once. Was traveling with friends who lived on Murray St in Tribeca to the the Far Hills race in Far Hills, NJ, back in the 2007 timeframe, and our bus stopped to pick up some of their friends in Hoboken and then headed on to the race. Am sad to think of those folks and everyone who’s been impacted. I wonder what Dorothy and her Round Table friends would have to say or write about this terrible mess? Dorothy could surely give us a a bit of her dry wit to help us at least chuckle a bit during this tearful time? :-) Wishing you all the best. Keep up your spirits, and keep writing!

  2. What an enlightening post, and I did enjoy your pictures albeit to the distress it has caused many. Here in TX we continue seeing the same photos on the news of the devastation. And it is so much better to see/hear of a first hand account. Glad you are okay.

  3. Oh THANK GOD you got to the Algonquin. The news has been SO dire ever since we last spoke, and still no news from my friend in Chelsea. Last I heard he’d run out of vodka, so I fear the worst. I forget how dependent I am upon all things electronic until the power goes. Stay safe. Sending white light XXXXX G

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